Working Clothes

Gardening clothes that span the seasons.

February 26, 2013

Gardening clothes should be as efficient as any weeder or hoe—the right size pocket for seed packets, a strong loop to hold pruners. And while flip-flops might be convenient, spring showers can turn a garden row into a water slide, so footwear needs to be solid and grounding. Gardening is more pleasurable when your outfit is comfortable as well as functional. These gardening clothes feel good, look good, and will last from first planting to final harvest, and through all the weather that comes in between.

Spring & Summer

Haven Shoes from Keen The Dri-Lex lining of the Haven Shoes holds moisture at bay. $110 from Keen.
Victoria Hat from Wallaroo The stylish Victoria Hat is also crushable. $40 from Wallaroo Hat Company
The roo gardening Apron from Peaceful Valley The Roo Gardening Apron has a front-release pocket. $30 from Peaceful Valley.
Nitrile Weeder Gloves from Peacxeful valley Nitrile Weeder Gloves are light and nimble. $9 from Womanswork.
Gardening shorts from Garden Girl These Gardening Shorts are made of highly durable fabric. $70 from Garden Girl.
Rose gloves from garden Girl Gauntlets on the Rose Gloves defy thorns to make pruning more enjoyable. $35 from Garden Girl.
Shoe Shufflers from Plow and Hearth Shoe Shufflers protect floors from mud. $20 from Plow and Hearth



Fall & Winter

Pro Palm Gloves from Carhartt Pro Palm Gloves have a heavy-dutygrip. $11.50 from Carhartt
Garden Pants from Garden Girl
Gardening Pants have hooks, pockets, and spaces for knee pads. $94 for Pants, $10 for Knee Pads from Garden Girl
Classic Garden Boots from Bogs Deep treads on the Classic Garden Boots prevent slipping. $110 from Bogs
Working gloves from Garden Girl Working Gloves have padded leather palms to protect hands. $25 from Garden Girl
Cascade Jacket from Carhartt The Cascade Jacket is any gardener’s dream coat for cold, rainy, icy, or dreary weather. $145 from Carhartt

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