Water, Water...

Water-wise products for indoors and out

January 8, 2014

Everywhere around us there is water: It makes up 70 percent of Earth’s surface and more than 50 percent of our bodies. Water feeds our plants, allowing for beauty and sustenance. These products will help you use water and hydration safely and sustainably in all aspects of your life. --Katie Walker

LifeFactory Water Bottle
The glass body of this bottle keeps water pure and clean, while the silicone sleeve provides a solid grip and breakage protection. Interchangeable lids include a baby nipple, sippy cap, flat cap, straw, and flip cap, so you can customize to your needs.
$15 to $27 for 4-ounce to 22-ounce sizes from Lifefactory
Sobremesa Recycled Water Glass
This elegant glass is lighter than most recycled glasses and sturdy enough to be used daily. The bright rim, available in green or blue, adds a pop of color.
$69 for set of 4 from Rodale’s
Sometimes deep-rooted shrubs and delicate transplants need a direct soaking of water without the full pressure of a hose. Attach the bubbler to a hose end and let the small ports slowly water the plant, without fear of erosion.
$8 from Lee Valley
SkinFare Lotion Sticks
For all of a gardener’s ailments causedby exposure and lack of hydration—cracked skin, bug bites, sunburn, chapped lips—SkinFare sticks will heal and soothe. Each of the five varieties has a base of coconut and other oils, with organic herbs and spices that target specific problems. Plus the containers are compostable cardboard.
$10 from SkinFare
Binchotan Purifying Charcoal Sticks
Simple charcoal sticks give tap water a clean taste without expensive filters. Just store a pitcher of water in the refrigerator with one of the sticks, and chlorine will be absorbed while natural minerals are released. Works for up to 3 months.
$29 for 1/2-pound bag from Rodale's


Photos: Mitch Mandel
Originally published in Organic Gardening Magazine, February/March 2014.