Do You Live in One of the Most Stressed-Out States?

Turns out the Sunshine State is actually really quite blue. How does your state rank?

June 10, 2014
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Turns out that sunshine and sandy beaches don’t automatically mean less stress for Floridians, especially when nearly 26 percent of the population does not have health insurance and 11 percent of the population is unemployed. In fact, Florida tops the list of the most stressed-out states in the country.

The study, conducted by the real estate blog Movato, measured stress according to a set of six criteria: percentage of population with a long commute (more than 20 minutes), unemployment, hours worked, population density, percentage of income spent on housing, and percentage of population without health insurance.


“We basically just determined criteria for stressful environments, scraped public data, and put it into an algorithm,” explains Nick Johnson, Movato’s public relations director.

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Each state was ranked from one (most stressed) to 48 (least stressed) in each of the six individual criteria using data from the U.S. Census’ American Community Survey for 2008 to 2012. These scores were then averaged into one score to reflect the overall stress levels of each state. 

Top 10 Most Stressed-Out States in America
1. Florida
2. Georgia
3. New Jersey
4. California
5. Nevada
6. Illinois
7. New York
8. Maryland
9. North Carolina
10. Arizona

Looking to relocate to a less-stressed state? According to the study, North Dakota, which dominated every positive category except for hours worked, is the place to be.

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