8 Natural Bath And Body Products That Work Better Than The Stuff With Chemicals

These artisan soaps and creams made by small, thoughtful companies make us feel good inside and out.

June 21, 2017
craftsman beard soap
Photograph courtesy of etsy

We’ve warned you about the hidden toxins and chemicals lurking in your drugstore cosmetics, shampoos, and other hygiene and pampering products, but there's no need to stress just yet. Turns out, there are plenty of natural, small batch, artisan-made alternatives that you can feel good about slathering on your face, hair, and body.  

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“When I started making soap at home, it was with only two ingredients,” Evan Worthington, founder of Craftsman Soap, told us. “I've built better and more elaborate formulas since, [and] continuing to only use natural ingredients seemed like the most logical progression. Synthetics, surfactants, and other additives just never seemed necessary to achieve a better soap."

In soap, cold process soaps retain their hydrating glycerin content and make a better bar. In conditioners and balms, oils and butters are undiluted by water and emulsifiers, which also eliminates the need for synthetic preservatives. (Read more on lotion vs. oil: which is better for your skin?) Instead, skin-beneficial antioxidants like vitamin E oil can be used to support the shelf life of the product.” Worthington’s Etsy shop sells beard oils and soaps as much inspired by nature as by your bar cart. Not only are they free of synthetic fragrances and colors, they’re completely void of palm oil, the typically rainforest ravaging ingredient frequently found in the health and beauty aisle. (He uses tallow made from purified suet from his local butchers, so vegans be warned.)

We scoured the web to find some of the coolest bath and body shops that also happen to sell conscientious, cruelty- and chemical-free goods. Below are seven of our favorites—including Craftsman Soap—for men and women to add to their bathroom routine.

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santa monica soap
Photograph courtesy of Amazon
Santa Monica Soap Company

This sibling-owned, small batch soap brand is praised by users for its intoxicating fragrance blends—without the toxins. (Here's 6 food-based remedies for gorgeous, glowing skin.) These cold-processed, vegetable-based soaps come in sun and surf-inspired fragrances like skin-soothing Sweet Melon and Aloe and salty fresh Ocean Wave. 

Buy it: Santa Monica Soap Co. Handmade Soap, from $7, Amazon.com

rugged and dapper
Photograph courtesy of Amazon
Rugged & Dapper

While marketed as “skin fuel for men,” female reviewers aren’t shy about stealing this organic skincare line for themselves. A fan favorite is the Detoxifying Mineral Clay Facial Mask, packed with purifying kaolin clay and vitamin-rich spirulina and kelp.

Buy it: Detoxifying Mineral Clay Facial Treatment Mask For Men, $22, Amazon.com

honeyskin face cream
Photograph courtesy of Amazon
Honeyskin Organics

Raw medical grade Manuka honey aids to the magic of this family-owned body care brand. (Here's more on why honey is so good for your skin.) Their scalp and body soaps, shampoos, and scrubs claim to provide pH-balanced solutions to common hair and skin ailments, ranging from Rosacea to shingles to just plain weather-induced dryness. Their Organic Moisturizer Cream not only claims to do all of the above for your face and bod, but also boasts its benefits as both a makeup primer and mosquito bite salve. 

Buy it: Honeyskin Organics Organic Moisturizer Cream, from $15, Amazon.com


herbal moon apothecary
Photograph courtesy of etsy
Herbal Moon Apothecary

A husband-wife team creates this line of holistic, organic herbal bath and wellness products out of Puyallup, Washington. Standouts include their Botanical Facial Steams—pore-tightening, complexion-brightening organic herbal blends that you can actually drink as tea afterward—and the inflammation-taming Turmeric Salve.  

Buy it: Herbal Moon Botanical Facial Steam, from $9, Etsy.com

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vice and velvet
Photograph courtesy of etsy
Vice & Velvet

These creamy, dreamy soaps ship all the way from Melbourne, Australia—but don’t worry, the trek is worth it. Made with minimal preservatives in small SLS-free batches, the range is divided into two scent families: Vice, made from a blend of “skin-safe fragrances oils with pure essential oils;” and Velvet, made with pure essential oils only. (Here are 5 essential oils you should always have in your medicine cabinet.) Also worth checking out: their Body Mousses—quick absorbing, addictively fragranced whips made of organic cocoa and shea butter with grapeseed, rice bran, and coconut oils.  

Buy it: Vice & Velvet Siren Body Mousse, from $11, Etsy.com

craftsman beard soap
Photograph courtesy of etsy
Craftsman Soap Co.

Worthington’s Woodland Hills, California, operation caters to all of your bearded bro’s bath and body shop dreams—even the ones he didn’t know he had yet. (Beer soap, bro?) We like his signature Beard Oils, which are made from a blend of argan, jojoba, rosehip, grapeseed, meadowfoam, and vitamin E. Plus, they come in handsome glass flasks in fragrances like Hops Flower and Bay Rum.

Buy it: Hops Flower Beard Oil, $20, Etsy.com 

sage and stone bath bomb
Photograph courtesy of etsy
Herbivore Soap

This Michigan-based soap and skincare brand’s product pics are gorgeous, but past the Pinterest-factor, they pack a serious skin nourishing punch, too. Their organic Bath Bombs—that look more like petal-encrusted pucks than the oversize jawbreakers we’re used to—come in scents like Lavender + Coconut Milk and Rosemary Lime with the moisturizing benefits of hempseed oil. We also dig their crystal-infused roll-on perfumes, essential oil blends featuring fragments of Clear Quartz and Amethyst. 

Buy it: Rosemary + Lime All Natural Bath Bomb, from $6, Etsy.com

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conscious skin care
Photograph courtesy of etsy
Conscious Skincare

These thoughtful, transparent bath and body products come all the way from Wales, U.K. with an eco-friendly mission. With carefully written ingredient lists, minimalist packaging, and a green supplier list, they present the simplistic, but effective likes of Organic Rose Toner and Make Up Melt, in sleek and safe aluminum bottles. (Here are 7 DIY face masks and scrubs that actually work.) 

Buy it: 
Organic Rose Toner, from $19, Etsy.com
Organic Make Up Melt, from $19, Etsy.com