Hoop Dancing

Lose Weight By Playing Like A Kid Again

Burn serious calories with these easy tips.

June 19, 2015

To boost motivation, mix up your workouts with games you loved as a kid. The Monkey Bar Gym, a Madison, WI, health club specializing in playground style routines that incorporate running, jumping, crawling, and climbing, proves you don't need cardio machines to slim down. Of its members, 85% work out 3 times a week—triple the national average—and they drop an average of 17 pounds of fat in 2 months.

Try these grown-up versions of favorites from your youth. They're fun ways to lose weight!


1. If You Loved: Hula Hoops
Try: Hoop Dancing
Slightly oversized fitness hoops are easier to keep aloft than a kid's version as you twirl your way to a sculpted midsection.

Get started: Find hoops (about $30) and workout DVDs at hoopgirl.com.

Burn: 306 calories/hour*

2. If You Loved: Climbing Trees
Try: Rock Climbing
Indoor walls challenge balance, strength, and coordination to keep your brain and body in top shape.

Get started: Search for local climbing centers at indoorclimbing.com, and take a class to learn the basics.

Burn: 528 calories/hour*

3. If You Loved: Trampolines
Try: Rebounding
Bouncing on a minitrampoline blasts fat without putting stress on joints.

Get started: Find classes or buy a home kit ($100 for trampoline and 3 DVDs) at urbanrebounding.com.

Burn: 567 calories/hour*

4. If You Loved: Scavenger Hunts
Try: Orienteering
Participants use a compass and map as they race to find a series of checkpoints scattered throughout the woods. Get started: Go to us.orienteering.org for clubs, events, and courses.


Burn: 612 calories/hour*

*Calorie burns based on a 150-pound person.

This article was originally published on Prevention.