Light the Night

Enjoy the garden long after the sun goes to bed.

July 3, 2012

June 20 may be the most bittersweet day of the year for gardeners. It’s the summer solstice, and while it’s the longest day of sunlight for gardening, it also means those precious hours are about to get fewer and fewer. But with green ways to light the garden, you can stay up gardening (or partying) with the moon.

Photos by Thomas MacDonald




Solar Lantern

The 10-inch-round, weather-resistant Soji Originals lantern has a solar panel on top that powers two small LED lights inside, creating an ambient glow. Hang it from a tree or use the included base to set it in the garden. Available in seven colors.

$20 from Allsop Home and Garden


Ceramic Votive Candleholder

The 3-inch Points of Light Candle-holder is made by artisans in Bangladesh. It holds one votive candle that shines against the gold interior, and the openings throw dancing streaks of light around the garden.

$10 from Ten Thousand Villages


String Lights

Clear Solar Orb-Shaped Lights use daylight to illuminate the night with help from a small solar panel. Hang the 26-foot strand outdoors; the 25 LED bulbs turn on automatically at dusk and shine for 6 to 8 hours.

$40 from Wind & Weather


Path Light

The Northern Lights Sphere is a glass orb that shifts colors throughout the evening on a single solar charge. Use several in the garden as path lights—in full sun for the longest glow. 31/2-inch globe, 32-inch stake.

$25 from Gardener’s Supply Company


Smudge Pot

Ward off bugs with citronella oil in this metal smudge pot, an alternative to the tiki torch. It’s 73/4 inches wide, has a weighted base, and comes with a snuffer. Available in black, copper, silver, green, and red.

$25 from Plow & Hearth

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