5 Native Bouquet Design Tips

Harvest, arrange, and enjoy native blooms with these five design tips

December 7, 2010

The next time you want long-lasting, beautiful flowers for a bouquet, try using natives—plants that have naturally adapted to your location and climate.
These tough, colorful blossoms that wave cheerfully from fields, roadsides, and marshes are the perfect additions to your cutting garden. Harvest, arrange, and enjoy their beauty indoors with these five design tips:

1. Use several different flower shapes in every bouquet. Include round and spiky posies, then fill in with flowers consisting of clusters of smaller blooms. This adds texture and interest to the composition.

2. Incorporate interesting foliage accents. Choose red, variegated, or bronze leaves to contrast with flower colors, adding depth and substance to the bouquet.

3. Sink in a focal point. If you have one large, substantial flower, tuck it down low against the lip of the container, then surround it with lighter, airier flowers. This keeps the arrangement from appearing top-heavy.

4. Lighten it up by dangling narrow, graceful flowers off the fringe of the bouquet. The flowers of ornamental grasses work great for this, as do groupings of small berries and drooping clusters of diminutive flowers.

5. A simple gathering of several stems of the same flower works great in a vase. Make a mound of flowers, then gather the stems with a ribbon and nestle it in a clear vase.