Greening Dogs and Cats

Our pets deserve organic products, too.

May 2, 2013

Many gardeners are pet owners, and this is not coincidental. The desire to care for something, to give it your time, energy, and devotion, and in turn receive sustenance, applies to veggies and animals alike. So it’s important to treat pets as you do the garden—organically. When toys are likely to get chewed to bits, should those bits contain chemicals or artificial materials? We’ve collected the best products for pets we could find, many of which are recycled, made in the USA, or biodegradable. You, your pets, and the planet will all feel the love. 

Hemp Bed Roll
Let the dog lounge around on this hemp mat with recycled eco-fiberfill. The bed rolls up, and comes in a variety of colors and sizes from Harry Barker.

These dog toys are recycled and recyclable. Made from postproduction material, the RecycleBall and RecycleBone are fun, bouncy toys that are also nontoxic. Made in the USA. $12 from Planet Dog.



Bumper Bed
This bed has a machine-washable, customizable cover and is stuffed with recycled plastic bottle filling. Made in the USA. Extra small, $79; small, $99; medium, $129; from West Paw Design.

Catnip Felt Friend
Cats will love this recycled-felt mouse filled with irresistible catnip. The inside crinkles, for sensory play, and the large size allows cats to kick and wrestle with the “mouse” for hours. $5 from Petstages.

Bubble + Squeak Organic Dog Shampoo.
Certified organic, this dog shampoo contains calendula, lavender, peppermint, and rosemary. It is also biodegradable and detergent-free, meaning outdoor baths are now safe for the pooch and the garden. Made in the USA. $16.50 from Olive.


DJ Cat Scratching Pad.
Instead of scratching up the furniture, let the cat scratch out some imaginary tunes on a recycled cardboard turntable. The kit comes together in a snap, with no glue required. $35 from Uncommon Goods.