Heal Your Relationships: 5 Ways to Reset to Base Frequency

You and your spouse may be different but that doesn't mean you can't find true happiness.

April 14, 2014

You know that feeling when you and your partner are in sync?


You might say that you are "resonating" or that you are on the same "wavelength." These wave terms actually have grounding in science, and knowing how to adjust your own waves, like tuning the dial on a radio receiver, can be tremendously healing. 

When you and your partner are experiencing pain in your relationship, you are not on the same wavelength. But there is a simple way of determining your wavelength, or base frequency.

Your base frequency can be determined with the frequency profile. Taking your resting heart rate, resting breathing rate, and the answers to seven questions, assigns you to a color based on frequency: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, or Violet. (This profile is available in my book, The Ekahi Method, or on the website at www.ekahimethod.com.) It teaches you about your Base Frequency and how to frequency tune (adjust your base frequency) when you and your partner are not on the same wavelength. 

A successful relationship does not mean that you and your partner need to be of the same base frequency, but it is important to recognize the effect that your waves have on each other. Sometimes your waves will flatten each other out and sometimes your waves will raise each other up. Most difficulties in relationships occur from long periods of lack of resonance (flattened energy). A successful relationship requires that both people pay attention to the effect their Base Frequency is having on the relationship.

Here are five easy ways to heal your relationship with your base frequency:

#1: Tune your frequency. As strange as it may seem, subtly mirroring your partner's energy through body language and breathing rate is a powerful way to create resonance during a difficult time.

#2: Time in nature. We are continually bombarded with wireless waves from our technology. Get outside to a spot in nature far from the smog of wireless signals

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#3: Spend time with friends that you easily resonate with.  You cannot spend all of your time with one person. Make sure time is spent with people who easily raise your energy.

#4: Dance with your partner. It may seem silly, but moving your bodies in the same rate (frequency) creates resonance.

#5: Make love. The most powerful way to create resonance is dancing with your partner—skin to skin. 

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Finally, it is important to reset to your base frequency every day. Since your wavelength is going to get pushed and pulled by other people and environments, you need to find time every day to reset to your base frequency. The best way to do this is through meditation. Find time, even a few minutes each day, to feel the natural waves of your base frequency.

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Brett Wade, PhD, graduated summa cum laude from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (Rutgers) with a doctorate in Health Sciences. Wade also hold a master's degree and a bachelor's degree in physical therapy. During his career as a physical therapist, he became fascinated with the therapeutic effects of pulsed electromagnetic fields in treating disease, which eventually became the impetus for his doctorate. While living in Hawaii, he began to develop the idea, from a health perspective, that the one (Ekahi, in Hawaiian) thing that connects all living and non-living things is invisible waves. Wade is a full-time professor at Okanagan College in Kelowna, in British Columbia, Canada, where he currently resides. For more information the Ekahi Method, visit www.ekahimethod.com.