Bozeman, Montana

Fresh air, good food, and more...

November 7, 2011

Don’t be surprised to find horses tethered to the trees in the grocery-store parking lot. It’s just the way they do things in Bozeman.

For a moderate excursion with great views, hike the ‘M’ trail.
Located off Route 86 in Bridger Canyon, it’s roughly an 850-foot elevation gain. There are three circuits to choose from that are 1, 2, and 3 miles in length. It’s easy to eat well in downtown Bozeman.


The best breakfast is at the Nova Café. Dine like locals on French toast stuffed with huckleberries and cream cheese, or enjoy the café’s creative egg “Benedictions.”

For a caffeine boost, sidle into Wild Joe’s Organic Coffee and Tea House. Curl up in one of the comfy chairs, or use the Bike and Ski Lounge to tweak gear at no cost.


The Chocolate Moose is a must-stop for a sugar fix. It has an impressive selection of locally made chocolates, candy, and an old-fashioned soda fountain featuring Montana-made Wilcoxson’s ice cream. Be sure to try the “Chocolate Runs Though It.”

Although Bozeman is the place for beef and bison, Italian cuisine made with primarily local ingredients at the Blackbird Kitchen makes the most of seasonal foods with a simple, elegant, menu.

The Bogert Farmers’ Market is the place to be on Tuesday summer evenings. Artisan breads, fresh pizza, and the pride
of local growers keep the market changing throughout the season. The wares of gifted artists as well as exuberant local musicians add to the festivities.

The City Hall Community Garden is thriving in formerly unused space on city-owned property. It is a gardener-run
operation, and individual ingenuity shines in ambitious attempts to extend the short season. They hope the garden inspires others to utilize overlooked spaces.

The Bozeman Community Food Co-op is a Montana icon for all things organic, local, and sustainable. From the freshest spring greens to award-winning goat cheese from the local Amaltheia Dairy, the co-op prides itself on highquality, seasonal fare. There is plenty of wholesome food to go at the West Main Deli, or run upstairs to the Flying C Café for coffee and dessert. The downtown store offers an ever-changing menu for a sit-down meal.