9 Best Natural Toothpastes For Kids That Work Without Nasty Chemicals

Take care of your kids’ teeth without sketchy ingredients.

October 10, 2017
We hope you enjoy the products we're recommending as much as we do! Just so you know, Organic Life may get a share of sales from the links on this page.
best natural toothpastes for kids
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Teaching your children to take care of their teeth and gums is as important as encouraging them to eat well and get enough sleep: Poor dental health in childhood has been linked to a number of health conditions in adulthood, including cardiovascular disease.

Good oral hygiene practices for children looks an awful lot like it does for adults: children should brush their teeth for two minutes twice per day, using a toothbrush, floss, and toothpaste.

Toothbrushes and floss are pretty standard-issue, and most dentists agree that frequency and duration of brushing and the fact of flossing is more important than which type of brush or floss is used. But when it comes to which toothpaste is best for children, it's important to choose carefully.

Ingredients to look out for

Many conventional toothpastes contain triclosan, an antibacterial compound that fights gingivitis, but that has been found to alter hormone regulation and jeopardize the immune system. Another offender in many children’s conventional toothpastes is propylene glycol, a solvent also found in antifreeze and other household products. Other questionable additives include the synthetic dye FD&C Blue 1, which is produced from petroleum, and sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS)—a chemical responsible for creating lather that may cause canker sores. Read more about 4 toothpaste ingredients to avoid at all costs.

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What about fluoride?

Conventional toothpaste also contains fluoride, a mineral that strengthens tooth enamel. In recent years, fluoride has become a controversial topic. Studies have found a correlation between high levels of fluoride in drinking water and diminished IQ in children (in China) as well as higher incidences of hypothyroidism (in the UK). But children have to ingest large amounts of fluoride before it becomes hazardous, and the small amount that may be swallowed during tooth-brushing is not considered risky. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and the American Dental Association both recommend fluoride use as part of a comprehensive oral health care plan, and 50 years of research showing the benefits of fluoride in toothpaste backs them up. (Even so, very young children who are inclined to swallow toothpaste should not be given toothpaste with fluoride.)

Synthetic air fresheners also expose your kids to dangerous chemicals—here's how to make a safe, natural version in seconds!

How to choose a good natural toothpaste

The first thing to know when shopping for a natural toothpaste is that the term is not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Companies are at liberty to market their goods as “natural” if they want to, so it’s especially important that you read the labels carefully.

For this list, we’ve rounded up kids toothpastes that are free of sketchy chemicals, and that are made by companies that are transparent about what their products contain. Many of them do not contain fluoride, but some brands offer both fluoride-free and fluoride versions, and one is only available with fluoride.

We also wanted our picks to be widely available through some of our favorite online shops like Amazon, Walgreens, and Target. We also made sure our selections were approved by the Environmental Working Group (EWG), a non-profit entity that researches the safety and efficacy of cosmetic and household products, as well as their environmental impact.

Below are the best natural toothpastes for kids.

best natural toothpaste for kids
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Dr. Brite Mineral Kid's Toothpaste

Dr. Brite Mineral Kid’s Toothpaste  is organic plant-based and free of fluoride, artificial sweeteners, colors, and SLS. It leans on organic coconut oil and activated charcoal to keep your kids teeth healthy and naturally white. This line was created by an actual dentist, and her cancer surgeon sister, and the strawberry flavor is always a hit with children.

Buy it: $14.49 from Amazon.com

Best natural toothpastes for kids
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Jack N' Jill

Australia-based and family-owned Jack’N’Jill products for children use xylitol, a birch-based natural sweetener shown to reduce plaque and help fight cavity-causing bacteria, instead of fluoride to fight tooth decay. (Xylitol is one of the 5 safe sweeteners we recommend.) These products are free of gluten, color, preservatives, SLS, and of course, sugar. Jack’N’Jill toothpaste also use calendula to soothe gums and comes in a wonderful variety of fruit flavors, including strawberry, banana, blueberry, raspberry, black currant, and no flavor for the purists among us. They also sell adorable accessories.

Buy it: $12.50 from Amazon.com

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Best natural toothpastes for kids
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Kiss My Face

Kiss My Face's kid’s toothpaste utilizes antioxidant-rich cranberry extract to help fight plaque, tea tree extracts to fight bacteria, and aloe to promote overall dental health. This toothpaste is available in a yummy berry flavor, with or without fluoride. It contains no parabens, SLS, gluten, or artificial flavors, and is vegan and never tested on animals.

Buy it: $6.98 from Amazon.com

Best natural toothpastes for kids
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Spiffies wipes and dental gels are perfect for babies and toddlers and are also made with xylitol, which reduces cavity-causing bacteria (helpful even for kiddos without teeth!). These handy wipes are designed for parents to wrap around a finger and run along baby’s teeth and gums. The apple and grape flavor make the job a whole lot easier. Your older children will love the grape and strawberry fluoride-free toothpaste. 

Buy it: $13.50 from Amazon.com

Best natural toothpastes for kids
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Weleda tooth gel

Weleda tooth gel is ideal for very young children with brand new teeth. Derived primarily from extracts of calendula flowers to keep gums clean, silica for thorough cleaning, and flavors of fennel and spearmint, it makes cleaning teeth an enjoyable experience for both parents and children. This is only offered in one flavor, and it's fluoride-free so safe for your kiddo to swallow. 

Buy it: $13.50 from Amazon.com

Best natural toothpastes for kids
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​Natural Dentist

Natural Dentist Plant-based oral care products for children are free of harsh chemicals, SLS, or synthetic dyes. Natural Dentist gel paste is only available with fluoride, but in addition to fluoride, it contains botanicals to promote fresh breath in mild grape and berry flavors.

Buy it: $4.88 from Amazon.com

Best natural toothpastes for kids
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Hello Oral Care

Hello Oral Care is a small company as committed to young brushers as it is to the environment and animals. All products are vegan and free of SLS, triclosan, parabens, other chemicals, and they offer consumers the choice between fluoride and fluoride-free products. The fluoride-free variety comes in watermelon flavor and utilizes silica, a mild abrasive, to clean teeth. Fluoride flavors include bubble-gum and blue raspberry.

Buy it: $3.46 from Amazon.com

Best natural toothpastes for kids
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Tom's Of Maine

Tried-and-true Tom's Of Maine doesn't use use any dyes, sweeteners, or flavors in their kid's toothpaste. Our favorite is the “Wicked Cool” toothpaste (with fluoride and without) for kids that are too old for berry and bubblegum, but not quite ready for the strong mint flavor in adult paste. Other fluoride flavors include strawberry and mango.

Buy it: $8.52 from Amazon.com

Best natural toothpastes for kids
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Families can trust that Jason is another company deeply committed to the planet and never testing on animals. The fluoride-free toothpaste utilizes calcium carbonate, silica, and calendula extract to keep young teeth and gums healthy. It comes in orange and strawberry flavors and contains no SLS, saccharine, or gluten, and as an added bonus, is also Kosher certified. 

Buy it: $7.46 from Amazon.com

We hope you enjoy the products we're recommending as much as we do! Just so you know, Organic Life may get a share of sales from the links on this page.