7 Essential Pieces Of Gear Every Yoga Lover Needs

Commit to your practice and the planet with these eco-friendly items.

August 30, 2016
rolling up a yoga mat
Carlos Amarillo/shutterstock

One of the appeals of yoga is that you can do it anytime, anywhere—from the open air to inside airports—without any fancy equipment. And yet, a few key items can help you take your practice to the next level.

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When shopping around, do yourself and the planet a favor by selecting goods that were produced sustainably, and looking for companies whose values fit in with your ethos as a yogi. Here are 7 earth-friendly products that fit the bill. 

magic carpet yoga mat

Rodale’s Magic Carpet Yoga Mat

This vibrant, hand-painted mat almost looks too pretty to sweat on. The paints are sustainably made and UV cured so they won’t rub off on you as you practice. The mat itself is phthalate- and latex-free, so no harsh fumes!

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yoga pants
Photograph courtesy of amazon

Satva Organic Cotton Leggings

When you’re in down dog, you want pants that bend with you but won’t turn permanently saggy when you transition to mountain pose. These leggings from Satva fit the bill, and they’re made with organic cotton and plant-based dyes to boot.

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yoga block
Photograph courtesy of rodales

Rodale’s Manduka Recycled Foam unBlock

Most yoga blocks are made of plastic foam—not exactly an eco-friendly option. Enter this unique block from Manduka that’s made with post-consumer and post-industrial recycled foam. It has a curved top to create a comfortable support for your hands, too, something you won't find with most yoga blocks. 

yoga strap
Photograph courtesy of amazon

Prana Raja Yoga Strap

Beginners may be content to stretch it out with a handkerchief or scarf, but sooner or later you’ll want to upgrade to a durable yoga strap. When you do, go with a sturdy organic cotton option, like this one from Prana. We’re loving the fun ombré colors!

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yoga mat spray
Photograph courtesy of amazon

PLH’s Organic Yoga Mat Cleaning Spray

Let’s face it: Yoga mats are gross. Just think about all the germs your feet pick up from the studio floor and transfer to your mat—yuck. Even worse, those bacteria breed fast on a warm, sweaty yoga mat, so having a trusty yoga mat cleaner is imperative. This one gets its disinfecting power from organic essential oils and smell heavenly.

Photograph courtesy of rodales

Rodale’s Favorite Ohm Yoga Bra

Don’t let those thin straps fool you—this bra works just as hard as you do during a Kundalini practice. The double-thick band keeps you supported, while the organic cotton is breathable and cool.

jute yoga mat
Photograph courtesy of amazon

Barefoot Yoga Natural Jute And Per Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat

Natural fiber yoga mats degrade more easily than their synthetic cousins, but this one made from fiberglass-tough woven jute and a phthalate-free resin will support you through every practice. It’s soft and grippy, and doesn’t come with the nasty chemical scent so many other mats have.