Transform a Supermarket Bouquet

Give store-bought flowers a whole new look by arranging them in vintage bowls and planters. We show you how.

November 26, 2010

Supermarket bouquets are overlooked, underrated, and inexpensive. With some imagination and by using mismatched and chipped water and wine glasses, you can quickly transform ordinary supermarket bouquets into cheerful and elegant arrangements.

You'll need:

  • Floral foam
  • Sheet moss
  • Two supermarket bouquets (used for this project)
  • Clear glass mismatched or chipped stemware
  • Flower pruners or scissors
  • Green florist's wire


Cut the floral foam smaller than the size of the opening and depth of the container. Note: You'll need to cut the foam smaller so it will fit into the container after you wrap sheet moss around the foam.

Immerse the foam in water so that it is completely saturated.

Cut a piece of the sheet moss so that it wraps completely around the foam. Secure it to the foam using green florist's wire and insert into the container.

Cut the stems of the flowers to about 2 inches long.

Insert the flowers into the foam starting with your focal flowers which are usually your brightest or largest flowers. You can fill in with the other flowers as needed. Position the largest focal flowers in the heart of the arrangement and slightly lower to give weight and balance to the arrangement.

Another option for arranging flowers is to separate the bouquet and group some of the common flowers together. Grouping like flowers together makes arrangements look more appealing and elegant.


  • Select bouquets that are free of disease and insects.
  • Make sure the stems are unbroken and the flowers are still firm.
  • Remove all foliage from the stems below the water line.
  • Add fresh water every day.