summer BBQ
chris court

The Organic Life Backyard BBQ Guide

Barbecue better this summer with our favorite, most mouthwatering grilling recipes, from party-worthy veggie burgers to charred garden greens to grill-roasted whole chicken and fruit. Along with those, you’ll find our best tools and tips for healthier and planet-friendlier summer cookouts.

Light up those grills—here’s everything you need for your perfect summer barbecue.

Easy Peasy Black-Eyed Peas + Rice
This meatless version of the Southern classic is as comforting as it is healthy.
Lemon Quinoa Salad
This quick and easy side is an excellent showcase for the quinoa supergrain.
The Genius Thing You Should Be Doing With Leftover Pickle Juice
These salty-sweet cubes will give your cocktails new life!
6 Ways To Make A Kombucha Slushie, Your New Favorite Summer Drink
Fruity, fizzy, and full of probiotics, this a healthy alternative to sugary iced drinks.
3 Tasty Things You Didn't Think You Could Grill But Totally Should
Why stop at steak when you can impart charry goodness onto other delicious contenders?
Why You Should Never Let Your Dog Eat A Leftover Corn Cob
This seemingly harmless summer treat could be deadly.
How To Make Instant Ice Cream In A Blender With 1 Magic Ingredient
All you need is a frozen banana and a blender for a cool treat in minutes.
11 Safe Cooking Tips To Avoid A Summer Stomach Bug
Enjoy your grilling, picnics, and cookouts—safely!
8 No-Cook Recipes For Steamy Summer Nights (Goodbye, Stove!)
Step away from the hot stove and out of the kitchen.
We Tried 5 “Healthy” Ice Cream Brands—This Is The Best One
Our favorite didn’t contain any dairy at all.
7 Adorable Popsicle Molds You'll Actually Use All Summer
Making your own ice pops at home just got easier and ridiculously cute.
8 Healthy Sides You Need For Every Cookout This Summer
Make your grilling game even stronger with these tasty sides.