ROL House

Organic Life House @ Serenbe

In 2016, Rodale's Organic Life is helping to build a custom-designed, geothermal EarthCraft home in the idyllic setting of the Serenbe community in Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia, near Atlanta. We’re breaking ground this spring and will be sharing regular updates about the process and practices we’re using to create this eco-friendly oasis. Be sure to check back for tips on how to use similar techniques in your own home and community, too!

The Farm At Serenbe
A 20-something explains why she left college to embrace her true passion in the countryside outside Atlanta at Serenbe.
The House Plans
The blueprints for this geothermal home include everything from a yoga studio to an edible garden. Check it out!
Stage 1: Building The Organic Life House
Sure, a home can brandish a bright blue grid of environmentally friendly solar panels. But can it also care for its inhabitants’ emotional and physical wellbeing?