100 Things You Can Do For Earth Day
Matt Rainey

EARTH DAY: 100 Things You Can Do For The Planet Right Now

America has come a long way since the first Earth Day in 1970—many rivers and lakes are no longer flammable and skies seem clearer. But big problems continue to threaten the health of people and the planet. 

This Earth Day, more than 1 billion people will take action for the environment in 195 countries around the world. Some will be marching for science. Others will be planting trees, or cleaning up their local communities. 

What matters even more than how you spend this Earth Day is what you do every other day of the year. Will you help pull carbon out of the atmosphere with an organic garden? Will you make a dent in our dependence on fossil fuels by using less plastic? Maybe you’ll experiment with more veggie-centric recipes, or buy a pair of recycled kicks next time you need new shoes. (Maybe you’ll even finally start composting.)

Any step, large or small, that helps keep planet Earth a green and hospitable place for us all is a step in the right direction. In the spirit of Earth Day, we’ve pulled together 100 eco-friendly lifestyle tips, inspiring articles, green shopping guides, home- and garden-greening projects, and plant-based recipes to get you going. 

Happy Earth Day. —The Editors of Rodale’s Organic Life 

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Make Your Garden Work For The Planet

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Green Your Grocery List

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Clean Without Harmful Chemicals

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How Organic Farming Could Save The World From Global Warming
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8 Ways To Save The World's Waters

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Easy Ways To Make Your Home More Eco Friendly

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Make Your Lawn Planet Friendly

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