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May 27, 2011



Dig, Plant, Grow!
An Organic Gardening guide to planning your own garden curriculum.


Seed-Starting Chart
Timing is everything in gardening. Use this handy seed-starting chart to figure out when to start your seeds indoors and when to sow outside.

  Organic Farming and Gardening 1942
Download the very first issue of Orgainc Gardening from May 1942. "A new kind of agricultural magazine designed to help you build soil fertility in a natural way, and to get crops that are fit for human as well as animal consumption."

  Companion Planting
Wouldn’t it be great if you could just plant your garden and forget it? Your plants would grow lush and healthy—without you adding lots of fertilizer or worrying about pest problems. Well, any kind of garden will need some care, but you can encourage your plants to work together, sharing water and nutrients and protecting each other from pesky insects. Companion Planting Made Easy is your guide to using time-tested techniques for healthier plants, bigger harvests, and fewer pest problems.

  The Moveable Coop
Thinking about getting a few chickens for the backyard? Here’s a handy instruction sheet and material list for building a small moveable coop that’s perfect for about a half dozen birds. You too can have the satisfaction of knowing exactly where you eggs come from.

  Weekend Garden Projects
This book contains beautiful, practical and fast projects you can use to make your garden more beautiful in just one weekend. Each of these 18 projects requires only one weekend of work to gain the long-term benefits and a jump-start on your future garden endeavors.
  Good Bug, Bad Bug
With illustrations and descriptions of 50 common garden insects, this guide will help you tell the difference between the garden pests that you want to get rid of and the beneficial insects that you want to encourage.
  Wacky Garden Helpers from Your Kitchen
Items in your kitchen can be just as practical and useful in your garden as they are in your house. Here are 53 ways to improve your soil, plants and drive away pests with items you already own.
  The Dark Side of Lawns
You can have a thick and healthy sea of green without polluting water, harming wildlife, and endangering the health of your family and pets. Here’s your 6-step organic lawn care plan.
  Your Beautiful Yard
Are you ready to start planning your dream landscape? This guide has easy steps to help you create beautiful landscapes with flowers, vegetables, and ornamentals. Turn your dreams into a plan; turn your plans into a successful organic landscape.
  No-Toil Power Soil
Can you ever have that super-rich, dark, and nutritious humus you see in books and neighbors’ yards? The answer is yes! And better yet, the work can practically be done for you! Learn the secrets easygoing gardeners have been hiding. This amazing little booklet is packed with awesome info about building healthy soil, starting a compost pile, lasagna gardening, and more.
  Spring Planner
All the information you need to plan and plant your garden. The planner helps you determine when to plant vegetables and flowers depending on the date of your last spring frost. Then includes a journal with tips to help you tend to your garden.
  Shower Bin
Use an old shower door as covers for compost bins. This is a great way to reuse something from your house and improve (or jump start) your composting. An illustrated guide is included to help you make your own shower bin.