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December 20, 2010

February/March 2015
Vol. 62, No. 2

The Best of Organic Gardening

The Forties
The birth of Organic Farming and Gardening coincides with a nation going to war.


The Fifties
Ruth Stout encourages gardeners to take the easy route to a bounty of produce; aerial spraying of DDT causes alarm and lawsuit.

The Sixties
Silent Spring sparks nationwide concern over the dangers of pesticides.

The Seventies
Vegetable gardening becomes a route to self-sufficiency, while environmentalism turns radical.

The Eighties
More Americans seek a healthy organic lifestyle; Meryl Streep speaks out against chemical residues on food.

The Nineties
Edible landscaping catches on; the USDA struggles to define what can be labeled "organic" in the marketplace.

The New Millennium
Genetic engineering becomes the buzzword in the sustainability movement, while farmers' markets and urban gardens re-emerge.



Maria's Page
On the history and future of Organic Gardening.

We Heard You
Our favorite reader letters from the past 73 years.

J.I. Rodale
A remembrance of the founder of the organic movement.

From Our Mailbox
An eclectic sample of photos we've received from readers.

The Rodale Institute
The founding and research of the influential organization.

Robert Rodale
The life of an organic leader and visionary.

Compost Corner
Tips, quotes, and a quiz about everyone's favorite—black gold.

The Last Page
A typographic journey through our history.

On the Cover: Organic Gardening's founder, J.I. Rodale. Photograph by Paul George/Rodale Family Archives.

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