6 Ways To Shop At Thrift Stores Like A Seasoned Pro

Find a deal and a treasure at the same time.

September 6, 2017
thrift shopping dresses
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Adapted from The Year of Cozy

Thrifting makes me giddy. I'm always on the hunt for props for my blog, A Cozy Kitchen. For years, I strictly stuck to eBay because thrift stores and their clutter overwhelmed me. I slowly eased into it and now consider myself a bit of a pro. Over the years I've learned some tips that have helped me uncover treasures amongst tons of junk at thrift stores.


Have an idea of what you're looking for

Is it clothes? Tchotchkes? Furniture? Kitchen goods? I try to narrow down my categories. This helps when I'm greeted with rows and rows of stuff.

Go on the day that new inventory is put out

Most stores have a set day. It's oftentimes a Tuesday, after they've scoured their resources for goods. Go on that day!

If you're in the market for clothes, come dressed for the part

Most thrift stores don't have dressing rooms, so this means leggings and a fitted T-shirt are your best bet for slipping clothes over your head and getting an honest fit.

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Examine goods before you buy them

My mother does this even with new things she buys, and it's a really good idea. Look for discoloration, chips, nicks, and brand markings.

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Some stores do not allow this. Ask! Simply say, "Are these prices negotiable?" If they are, then I usually open with, "Would you take (insert price here) for this?" I try to say it in as decisive and confident a manner as possible. And I don't say it with a smile. I mean business!

Pay attention to the season

For instance, in Palm Springs, where I do most of my thrifting, the best discounts are during summertime because that's when the most tourists come. I save my dollars and spend the most in the summer because of the amazing discounts I'm able to score.


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