The One Item Of Clothing You Should Definitely Be Buying Organic (But Probably Aren't)

Seven cheeky brands of all-natural underwear to stock your drawers with.

January 10, 2017
Matt Rainey

Wouldn’t it make you happy to find a really good pair of undies—one that fits your values as well as your, erm, bottom line? Next time you’re in the market for new underwear, skip specimens made from conventional cotton—while comfy and cheap, they’re spun from a fertilizer- and pesticide-sucking crop that’s extremely hard on the planet—and spring for these high-spirited, eco-friendly underalls.  

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boody underwear
Matt Rainey


Ready to ban chemicals—and wedgies—from your wardrobe? Undies from Australia-based Boody are made from organic bamboo, a sustainable crop that uses less water than cotton. They also come with a “no-wedge-pledge,” which we can vouch for.

zoochini underwear
Matt Rainey


Welcome to the jungle...of cute kids’ underwear. Colorful organic patterned boys’ and girls’ pairs come in handy three-packs as well as individual pairs, all with wide-eyed animal or monster faces—from owls to sharks to unicorns.

pact underwear
Matt Rainey


Eco-friendly brand Pact works with a fair-trade factory in India to create Global Organic Textile Standard–certified patterned women’s undies in five styles, plus mens’ pairs in four different fits and a variety of colors and patterns.

Brook There underwear
Matt Rainey

Brook There 

These lovely minimalist (and certified-organic) skivvies are created from cotton milled in South Carolina, tub-dyed by hand in Pennsylvania with low-impact fiber-reactive dyes, and cut and sewn in New England. Their matching triangle bras make a set. 

hanna andersson underwear
Matt Rainey

Hanna Andersson 

Based in Portland, Oregon, this company creates kids’ underwear with whimsical pastel patterns like flowers, hearts, and polka dots, or covered in fun comics and Disney characters. They're certified free from harmful substances by the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 system.

bgreen underwear
Matt Rainey


With underwear created from organic cotton fibers, plus eco-friendly U.S. production, this Southern California company, which has been in textile production for three generations, has as much green-apparel street cred as any on the market. They also offer nine varieties for men and six for women.

faelyn underwear
Matt Rainey


Pretty, ruffled, vintage-inspired, “dusty rose” or white lingerie pieces are made in Brooklyn from USA-grown organic cotton and silk. All are packaged using recycled and biodegradable materials, making it easier than ever for you to slip into something more sustainable.