20 Old-Fashioned Christmas Ornaments You Can Buy On Etsy

Help your friends and family add some handmade love to their ornament collection these holidays.

November 6, 2017
We hope you enjoy the products we're recommending as much as we do! Just so you know, Organic Life may get a share of sales from the links on this page.

Opening up those old, dusty boxes of ornaments each year is often a big part of a family’s holiday tradition. You know what we mean: mom will tear up when remembering your first Christmas with that special baby ornament, while dad will get pumped about his who-knows-how-old Hot Wheels car he hangs on the tree.

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But new families don’t have that timeless collection quite yet. This year, help them decorate by gifting one of these nostalgia-inducing old-fashioned ornaments that have tradition written all over them. We’ve included an idea for everyone in your life.

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santa ornament
Photograph courtesy of Etsy
Holiday Leaf And Berry Bell

You can’t celebrate the holiday without a little jingle. The designer starts with a flat piece of fabric and folds it into this piece of art. It’s a wonderful little hand-made gift that will last generations.

Buy now: $6.00, etsy.com

sweater ornament
Photograph courtesy of Etsy
Mini Sweater Ornament

Who doesn’t love a good ugly holiday sweater? Sold in sets of three, these teeny tiny handmade sweaters are decorated with different holiday felt symbols, like candy canes, presents, and bells. Hang them on your tree with an equally adorable tiny hanger.

Buy now: $12.00, etsy.com

We hope you enjoy the products we're recommending as much as we do! Just so you know, Organic Life may get a share of sales from the links on this page.
quilted ornament
Photograph courtesy of Etsy
Upcycled Quilted Ornaments

Nothing says old-fashioned quite like quilts. This set of six angel, heart, and star ornaments are up-cycled from the designer's personal quilt collection, so no two look alike. Adorned with buttons, beads, and lace, these are perfect for decorating a larger present or gifting as a set.

Buy now: $19.99, etsy.com

race car ornament
Photograph courtesy of Etsy
Rustic Recycled Steel Racecar

We LOVE this recycled steel ornament for the speedster in your life, especially because it can be engraved. So rustic, you know it’s going to be in that ornament box for years to come.

Buy now: $10.00, etsy.com

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crochet angel ornament
Photograph courtesy of Etsy
Small Crochet Angel Ornament

There’s really no way to do old-fashioned without some crochet work. Here you’ll get a set of two traditional, handmade angels stiffened for optimal hanging. An easy, timeless addition to any tree.

Buy now: $6.00, etsy.com

snowman ornament
Photograph courtesy of Etsy
Primitive Wool Snowman

You know what they say: a snowman made of wool never melts (or goes out of style). Especially this guy, who's fastened with adorable button bells and dusted with old-fashioned mica flakes. Made to order, you can request the scarf color too.

Buy now: $12.00, etsy.com

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safety pin angel ornament
Photograph courtesy of Etsy
Safety Pin Angel

It’s safe to say angels are a holiday must. This cute little handmade ornament has intricate detail, can be colorful or subtle, and will certainly bring back some memories for the older members of your family.

Buy now: $5.00, etsy.com

clay wreath ornament
Photograph courtesy of Etsy
Clay Christmas Wreaths

There are no casts used to make this set of three ornaments. Hand-sculpted and painted, these clay wreaths are based on an original design, but no two are alike. Perfect for a rustic feel.

Buy now: $45.00, etsy.com

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cinnamon ornament
Photograph courtesy of Etsy
Cinnamon Stick Bundle

We love these aromatic bundles of cinnamon because they add a rustic look and feel to any tree. Fastened with gold and red ribbon, this set of two will last years if stored in a cool, dry place.

Buy now: $15.00, etsy.com

reindeer ornament
Photograph courtesy of Etsy
Personalized Reindeer Family

Every family needs a goofy, personalized ornament! You can add up to seven names to this hand painted ornament—ideal for that growing family in your life.

Buy now: $19.95, etsy.com

drummer boy ornament
Photograph courtesy of Etsy
Little Drummer Boy Ornament

Bottle cap décor? Yes, please. Light weight, super retro, and full of holiday spirit, you can’t go wrong with this fun little ornament. Buy in bulk or personalize and decorate your gifts!

Buy now: $3.95, etsy.com

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paracord ornaments
Photograph courtesy of Etsy
Paracord Christmas Ornament

Every family needs some classic ‘these will never break’ ornaments to hang on the bottom of the tree (those of you with toddlers or animals know exactly what we’re talking about). Get your set of two paracord decorations, and choose your Christmas bead color for a personalized touch.

Buy now: $9.00, etsy.com

christmas ornament
Photograph courtesy of Etsy
Cross Stich Ornament

This little lightweight gift says old-fashioned all around, from the cross-stitch to the beading. Hand-stitched and stuffed, you can fix them on windows, trees, or doors.

Buy now: $21.00, etsy.com

beach christmas ornament
Photograph courtesy of Etsy
Starfish And Sand Dollar Ornament

What is it about sea shells on a tree that feels so right? This set of six is an especially great gift for the beach-lover in your life. Just pick the ribbon color and order away.

Buy now: $24.00, etsy.com

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wooden pear ornament
Photograph courtesy of Etsy
Wooden Christmas Pear

And a partridge in a pear treeeee! Seriously though, how cute is this rustic wooden pear? The designer carves, burns, paints, and seals them by hand. Feel free to personalize with a name or date.

Buy now: $8.95, etsy.com

painted christmas ornament
Photograph courtesy of Etsy
Painted Holiday Bulbs

What’s a little glitz and glam when it comes to decoration? No two sparkly glass bulbs look alike as they are painted with pearl, gold, and white brush strokes. And they're capped with a vintage trim top.

Buy now: $25.00, etsy.com

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gold bird ornaments
Photograph courtesy of Etsy
Gold Porcelain Birds

Gold birds singing in the dead of night—quite stunning, this set of six porcelain birds are textured with lace and hung by a colored satin ribbon of your choosing.

Buy now: $23.00, etsy.com

santa ornament
Photograph courtesy of Etsy
Santa Ornament

What a classic! This metal, tear-dropped shaped Santa is hand-painted with red on the back and coated in a varnish for safe keeping.

Buy now: $12.00, etsy.com

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pinecone ornament
Photograph courtesy of Etsy
Christmas Pinecone

This pretty and natural ornament is decked out with dry flowers, preserved pine, and a big bow.

Buy now: $14.99, etsy.com

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babys first christmas
Photograph courtesy of Etsy
Baby’s First Christmas

Mark a first Christmas with this timeless ornament. It’s something that will grow with the family and be treasured for years to come. Plus, the designers are more than happy to work with you on personalizing the ornament to your liking.

Buy now: $8.99, etsy.com