Natural Holiday Ideas

Nature is a rich and inspiring source for decorations that give your home a "garden-y" look and feel.

December 10, 2010

Save dried hydrangea blooms, alliums (Allium cristophii is particularly nice), and pinecones for their natural beauty. Display them in rustic containers or small garden pails. Pinecones stand out in a ceramic bowl or handwoven basket.

For a more festive display, use gold or silver Krylon spray paint (spray outside) on the blooms and pinecones. Pile the pinecones in clear glass vessels; bunch the alliums and attach them upside down from a hanging pot rack.


Tiny holiday lights wrapped around a bare branch make an instant chandelier (tie fishing line at various spots and attach it to small hooks in the ceiling) or candelabra when placed on a table.

Use wild grapevine to create a wreath. Attach small pinecones with a glue gun. Magnolia leaves also lend themselves to the design of a wreath.

Wrap gifts in brown paper and tie with raffia, then glue on tiny gold and silver pinecones or acorns.

Fill vertical glass containers with small stones. Place them on the mantel with large pinecones and pine branch swags, punctuated by thick candles.

Set a pot of cider on a back burner on low heat. Add cinnamon sticks and let the fragrance of the apple harvest fill your home.