17 Must-Have Hygge-Inspired Gifts For The Home Cook (That Aren't Cookware!)

It's about time to repay the friend who's cooked you a trillion wintertime feasts.

January 20, 2018
We hope you enjoy the products we're recommending as much as we do! Just so you know, Organic Life may get a share of sales from the links on this page.
hygge gifts

We all have that friend: The one who somehow manages (thankfully) to lure us out of a sad hibernation-like state involving an outfit of all-day pajamas and the television remote on the darkest days of winter for a cozy, home-cooked feast at their place. We’ll call them The Friend Who Has Embraced Hygge.

If you aren’t familiar, hygge (pronounced hoo-guh) is the secret sauce that gets Danish folks through brutal Scandinavian winters. Simply put, hygge is all about creating a cozy atmosphere to promote a feeling of well-being, often while gathered with friends. Read: Turning the fireplace on, bringing all the throws you own out of storage and whipping up a killer stew and a cheese plate or two to share amongst friends. In other words, what that friend who manages to drag you out of their home in the dead of winter probably does.

It’s time to repay them for their efforts. Below, 17 hygge-inspired gifts—from handmade ceramic bowls to sip soup out of to the coziest of wool slippers for your friend to cook in—for the home cook.

ceramic bowls
Photograph courtesy of Etsy
Handmade Ceramic Bowls

Cream-colored and speckled with flecks of caramel-hued paint, these handmade ceramic bowls are perfect for serving a hearty stew alongside ripped sourdough.

Buy now: $23, Etsy.com

wood serving tray
Photograph courtesy of Etsy
Reclaimed Wood Serving Tray

Serving trays like this one, handmade out of reclaimed barn wood, allow some freedom from tables when deciding where to set up a feast. A suggestion: On a blanket on the floor in front of the fireplace.

Buy now: $42, Etsy.com

We hope you enjoy the products we're recommending as much as we do! Just so you know, Organic Life may get a share of sales from the links on this page.
slipper socks
Photograph courtesy of Amazon
Kosy Sheep Organic Wool Slipper Socks

These hand-knitted slipper socks, made with organic Icelandic wool, will keep feet warm in the kitchen—and safe from any spills, too. (We all know, messes in the kitchen happen.)

Buy now: $44 and up, Amazon.com

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scandanavian comfort food
Photograph courtesy of Amazon
Scandinavian Comfort Food: Embracing the Art of Hygge

Penned by Danish chef Trine Hahnemann from Copenhagen, consider this cookbook Hygge for the Home Cook 101. It covers all things food—from grocery shopping to recipes—through the lens of hygge.

Buy now: $26, Amazon.com

Photograph courtesy of Rodale Images
Ambatalia No-Tie Modern Organic Apron

This simple, timeless apron has everything needed to get the job done: two pockets, no pesky ties to worry about, and easy washing instructions.

Buy now: $59.99, Shop.RodalesOrganicLife.com

cream and sugar set
Photograph courtesy of Etsy
Handmade Cream And Sugar Set

No cozy kitchen is complete without some hot tea or coffee for the serving, and this cream and sugar set is a cute and practical way to spruce up the serving tray.

Buy now: $39, Etsy.com

macaron mat
Photograph courtesy of Amazon
Silpat Macaron Mat

We bet your home cook doesn't have their own stylish French macaron mat. This one has 20 indents for baking up macarons, whoopie pies, moon pies, and more. Plus, you're saving the planet by using a reusable mat and skipping the grease and trash-bound parchment paper. 

Buy now: $23, Amazon.com

bluetooth speaker
Photograph courtesy of Amazon
BONGO Bluetooth Portable Speaker

This handy portable Bluetooth speaker, handcrafted from natural bamboo wood, can keep the cozy and convivial vibes going (a good playlist is key when it comes to feel-good vibes) from the kitchen to in front of the fireplace.

Buy now: $59.97, Amazon.com

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leather recipe book
Photograph courtesy of Etsy
Handmade Leather Recipe Book

Hand-colored with eco-friendly dyes, this recipe journal—great for tracking both measurements and memories—will look good on any kitchen counter.

Buy now: $48, Etsy.com

granite chillers
Photograph courtesy of Amazon
Sea Stones On The Rocks Granite 6-Piece Whiskey Chilling Stones Set

Ice is nice, but stone chillers up the ante on your friend's typical cocktails. This set of 6 hand-crafted faux cubes in a hardwood tray comes with two tumblers and a lifetime guarantee.

Buy now: $35, Amazon.com

ceramic bowls
Photograph courtesy of Amazon
Bloomingville Ceramic Bowl Set

Those leftovers have to go somewhere, right? The nice thing about these mint green ceramic bowls is that they serve double-duty: They’re cute enough to serve a meal out of, then when it’s over, you can throw the natural bamboo lid on to save what’s left.

Buy now: $37, Amazon.com

cherry bombe cookbook
Photograph courtesy of Amazon
Cherry Bombe: The Cookbook

For this new cookbook from the ladies behind indie food mag Cherry Bombe, the authors asked well-known women in food to share recipes that have some special significance to them, giving readers the chance to recreate tried-and-true feelings-evoking meals at home.

Buy now: $22.95, Amazon.com

cable knit mug cozy
Photograph courtesy of Etsy
Cozy Cable Mug

This mug, which comes dressed in a cable-knit sweater of its very own, is perhaps the most hygge-appropriate item on Etsy.

Buy now: $28, Etsy.com

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Photograph courtesy of Walmart
8-Person Party Raclette Grill

For the home cook who has everything, this little gizmo from Switzerland will bring a new level of cozy. It's an indoor party grill with individual pans, so it's designed for several people to make their own mini-plate and cook at once. Pro tip? Advise your friend to put some raclette cheese and baguettes out next to the grill at their next party for ultimate gooey goodness.

Buy now: $46, Walmart.com

turmeric chai tea
Photograph courtesy of Amazon
Numi Organic Tea Golden Latte, Turmeric Chai

Let’s call this just-add-milk organic golden latte the adult’s version of hot chocolate: It’s a warming, caffeine-free drink, perfect for serving by fireside after dinner, that—unlike it’s kid-friendly counterpart—could reduce inflammation in the body.

Buy now: $16, Amazon.com

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ginger chai candle
Photograph courtesy of Amazon
Ginger + Chai Soy Candles

Because everyone tires of cooking sometimes: This spicy, chai-scented candle, made with 100 percent essential oils, will fill a kitchen with the scent that something’s brewing, when all that’s really brewing is a Netflix marathon. (Hey, Netflix happens to even the best of us.)

Buy now: $17, Etsy.com

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cutting boards
Photograph courtesy of Amazon
Organic Bamboo Cutting Board Set

This is a truly practical gift: Who couldn’t use a new cutting board? Plus, these organic bamboo takes on the kitchen staple can easily step in as subs for trays—be it for a veggie platter or a cheese spread—when needed.

Buy now: $12.99, Amazon.com