The 5 Best Eco Friendly Essential Oil Diffusers

With a good diffuser, it's easy to incorporate aromatherapy into your home.

May 1, 2017
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Aromatherapy is an effective natural remedy for many common ailments, from sore muscles and anxiety to acne. Here are 5 essential oils you should always have in your medicine cabinet. Today there are tons of good diffusers available from a variety of companies, so it's easier than ever to infuse essential oils into your life.

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While you can use essential oils to increase your focus, soothe restlessness, or just add a pleasant scent to your home or office, one incredibly easy way to use them is in a diffuser, which diffuses their potent scents with water, dispersing the smell at a palatable level throughout a room at set intervals, and typically also offering a humidifying property. 

Below we’ve outlined simple and energy-efficient essential oil diffusers, from all-day humidifiers to travel-size decoratives. If you don't have any essential oils yet and you're going to get your first diffuser, we recommend starting with picking up a sample-pack option like this base of five organic and plant-based essentials oils so that you can try out which scents work best for you. 

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BESTEK Glass Essential Oil Diffuser

This small, pretty diffuser (which comes in turquiose and white) packs quite a punch for its size, able to contain 300 milliliters and last for up to 10 hours at a time using its ultrasonic operation system. It has a glass cover and bamboo base, and an energy-efficient auto shutoff for when it runs out of water. 

Buy it: BESTEK Glass Essential Oil Diffuser, $34

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InnoGear Real Bamboo Essential Oil Diffuser Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser

This diffuser has a natural outer shell crafted from bamboo wood and interior made of BPA-free materials. It has four working modes of misting and a safe auto-off when it runs out of water. 

Buy it: InnoGear Real Bamboo Essential Oil Diffuser Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser, $30

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Joly Joy Decorative Ceramic Vase Essential Oil Diffuser

This beautiful ceramic diffuser looks like a thin vase, emits soft LED-lighting, and used ultrasonic technology to silently diffuse the scent and cool mist to the air though super fast vibrations at a frequency of 2.4 millions times per second.

Buy it: Joly Joy Decorative Ceramic Vase Essential Oil Diffuser, $60

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Sky Organics Diffuser

The Sky Organics diffuser has more than one use: it's a diffuser, humidifier, air purifier, nightlight, and ionizer all in one small, bamboo package. You can opt for seven different color options, used as both a nightlight and to match whatever room you like. How relaxing would this be in an office? You can also specify timer setting, perfect for when you just want a quick 60-minute room refresh, and key for saving energy. 

Buy it: Sky Organics Essential Oils Diffuser Aromatherapy Humidifier, $40

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MERKIT Portable Cool Mist Humidifier and Essential Oil Diffuser

The MERKIT diffuser doubles as a humidifier and a nightlight. Made from BPA-free materials, it has an energy-efficient automatic shutoff, and also comes with a few personalization options— including timer settings and 7 different LED colors and dimming options. Perhaps best of all is its filter-free technology, which means there is zero clean-up or replacements necessary on your part.

Buy it: MERKIT Portable 300ml Cool Mist Humidifier and Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser, $27