Chicken Coop Roundups Go Meta

Our list of the best lists of the best chicken coops from around the web. 

April 1, 2015

Maybe it’s all those “incredible egg” campaigns, or the the government taking back 20 years of low-fat diet advice, but backyard chickens are super freaking hot right now. How hot? Go search “celebrities with chickens.” See?  Even trendier? Chicken coops! The web is full of roundups of beautiful, funky, and sometimes downright homey hen houses, some of which look like they cost more than an apartment rental. Why we’re all spending so much time in front of our work computers fantasizing about poultry shelters, well, we have no idea. We try not to think about it too hard. Instead, it’s easier to join the masses and create a roundup of roundups. You’re welcome.

20 Stunning Chicken Coop Designs For Your Lovely Birds

The Poultry Guide is already a one-stop bonanza for all things raising chickens, from advice on egg incubators to news on poultry from every part of the world. Their list may include a repeat (see images one and eight, cough cough), but it also includes this first-little-pig style straw house, which cannot be blown down.

13 Outrageous Chicken Coops

This well-curated gallery may not be the biggest roundup (that’s a bit later), but each one is pretty awesome. From a gorgeous “breed retreat” for sale on a high-end Dutch design site, to the hands-down best coop of all time (the Old West themed Hotel Eggcelsior), every coop there is worth a gander.

21 Awesome Chicken Coop Designs And Ideas

Pioneer Settler bests The Poultry Guide by one. Their list features a lot of upcycling, including an interesting but ill-advised attempt at beer-can shingles. Then there’s this repurposing of an old Volkswagen that can only be called resourceful.

21 Positively Dreamy Chicken Coops

What list of lists would be complete without the requisite Buzzfeed article? Their ultra-large-photo rendition includes the requisite hobbit house, as well as this family home with shingles and a picket fence, which makes it perhaps the only chicken coop able to pass muster with your local housing association.

10 Ways to Build a Better Chicken Coop

This Old House ditches the outlandish-structure theme in favor of solid coop-building advice. With notes on lighting (to increase egg production in winter) and installing vents (to prevent disease), the article moves past mere aesthetics in favor of helping you build a coop that is as useable as it is beautiful. If you’re actually looking for building ideas, start here.

Chicken Coop

Is your hunger for hen houses still not sated? Then click through, my obsessive friend: With more than 3,000 photos, Houzz has assembled the mother of all chicken coop roundups. A warning: if you find yourself on page 442 and you still haven’t found that perfect structure, it may be time to throw in the towel. We do like this five-sided shed made from I-beams, though.

Sunny Simple Life Chicken Coops

And if that’s not enough, there’s always Pinterest! The popular social media site has plenty of cool chicken coop boards, but this one by Sunny Simple Life is one of the best. It’s got lots of good ideas and tips, along with interesting chicken coops (like this one, apparently made from pallets), and more being pinned all the time.