6 Stunning Works Of Indoor Plant Art You Can Snag For Cheap On Etsy

I need all of these.

September 28, 2017
We hope you enjoy the products we're recommending as much as we do! Just so you know, Organic Life may get a share of sales from the links on this page.
fern wall art
Image courtesy of Etsy

Winter is coming. And now that I'm spending a little less time outside (but just a little less: I try to be out in nature as much as possible), I've recently turned my attention to my home's interior. It looks homey and warm right now: full of beeswax candles, wooden bowls, succulents, and cacti. (Here's some ideas for how to make easy succulent planters—just don't overwater the plants!)

But the wall art I have up feels a little stale, and as I get ready for colder months and more time indoors, reading on the couch or slow-cooking apple butter I'm craving a green oasis. I want art that would make me feel the way I do when I'm outdoors: inspired, creative, and open-minded. (Here are 12 ways to bring the benefits of nature into your home—according to design pros.)

Happily, there is some truly lovely pressed fern artwork available on Etsy. Granted, you can easily do pressed fern DIY if that's up your alley, but in many of these artworks, the plants have been laid in certain patterns and framed in a really lovely way. There's even some gorgeous moss artwork (we've written about the cool things you can do with moss before.)

Below, my favorite pieces of botanical artwork available for cheap (and, ok, some that are a little more pricey) on Etsy. I can't wait to hang these in my home.

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fern artwork
Photograph courtesy of etsy
Mano Monai Pressed Fern Artwork

These pretty, inexpensive hangings are made from ferns and recycled paper sewn together by the maker. They also sell a beautiful piece of framed fern artwork for $25.

Buy it: Mano Monai fern artwork, from $8 on Etsy.com

Watch the quick video below for a surprisingly beautiful DIY upcycling project you can make with succulents and your old yard furniture.

plant print artwork
Photograph courtesy of Etsy
EcoBota Botanical Print Set

These 6-print collection isn't made of actual plants, but scanned prints from the maker's pressed ferns and flowers that look like they're real. The whole set in 8"x10" is only $90 (or $50 for 5"x7"), and would make for a great focal point for a room—above the couch in your living room, for example.

Buy it: EcoBota botanical print set, from $90 on Etsy.com

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We hope you enjoy the products we're recommending as much as we do! Just so you know, Organic Life may get a share of sales from the links on this page.
fern artwork
Photograph courtesy of etsy
Kmpressed Pressed Fern Art

This pressed fern is attached to a page from a vintage book, adding a contrast between the green of the fern and the text behind it. This one doesn't come framed, so be sure to pick up a frame separately if you'd like to hang it with one, and keep it out of direct sunlight.

Buy it: Kmpressed pressed fern art, from $23, Etsy.com

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moss artwork
Photograph courtesy of Etsy
Artisan Moss Wall Hangings

These wall hangings created in Northern California with foraged moss, ferns, and reclaimed wood are an amazing addition to your home, or gift for someone else.

Buy it: Artisan Moss wall hangings, from $144 (set of 3) on Etsy.com

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fern artwork
Photograph courtesy of etsy
Zebra Art Studio Geometric Glass Wall Art

This Etsy maker has some unique items, from this geometric fern wall hanging to pretty necklaces with ferns inside them. These would make great gifts, or a good statement piece for your home.

Buy it: Zebra Art Studio glass wall art, from $98 on Etsy.com

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plant artwork
Photograph courtesy of etsy
Ecobota Pressed "Grub Fern" Print

This is another one from Ecobota—this maker has a lot in their store, so it's worth poking around to see what else you like. I love the clean, natural lines across the piece, as well as the labeling of the fern: Grub Fern (Polypodium formosanum).

Buy it: Ecobota pressed "Grub Fern" print, from $20 on Etsy.com

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