16 Best Gifts For New Pet Parents

The most helpful gifts (that happen to be stylish and eco-friendly) first-time pet owners will appreciate.

November 2, 2017
We hope you enjoy the products we're recommending as much as we do! Just so you know, Organic Life may get a share of sales from the links on this page.
gifts for new pet parents

Know somebody who just adopted a new puppy or kitten, or even an older rescue dog or cat? Then chances are, in between dodging face licks and experiencing an overabundance of unconditional love, they’re doing a lot of on-the-spot learning. Sure, they know their new best friend needs food and water, but the other toys, gear, gadgets, and grooming supplies that deserve a place in their home may be a complete mystery.

That’s where you come in. Here, we’ve rounded up the most helpful gifts (that just happen to be stylish and environmentally friendly, too!) that your first-time pet owner pals will totally appreciate. 

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fresh patch pee pad for dogs
Photograph courtesy of Amazon
Fresh Patch Disposable Dog Potty With Real Grass

This genius gift is perfect for new puppy owners who are in the process of potty training their pet. Unlike normal pee pads that show stains and are subpar at absorbing odors, this one is made from real, hydroponically grown grass, which is a natural odor absorber. It makes the ideal training tool, teaching dogs that green means go and floors are off limits. Each pad lasts several weeks to a month, depending on usage. 

Buy it: $20, Amazon

mid century modern pet bowl set
Photograph courtesy of Etsy
Mid Century Modern Personalized Pet Bowl Set

What’s a better housewarming gift for your friend’s new pet than a personalized food and water bowl set? This stylish option featuring a pinewood stand and ceramic bowls will seamlessly blend with your home decor, and comes with the option to personalize. 

Buy it: $60, Etsy

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We hope you enjoy the products we're recommending as much as we do! Just so you know, Organic Life may get a share of sales from the links on this page.
Moosh concentrated natural pet shampoo
Photograph courtesy of Amazon
Moosh Concentrated Dog Shampoo

Your pal’s pup is bound to get into some sticky, muddy, or smelly situations. This shampoo not only comes in a super stylish bottle that they can totally reuse for DIY cleaning supplies, but is made with effective all-natural cleaning agents like bentonite clay, which clings to grime; neem oil, which repels fleas and ticks; and argan oil for a healthy, shiny coat. 

Buy it: $14.49, Amazon

Earth Rated biodegradable dog poop bags
Photograph courtesy of Amazon
Earth Rated Dog Waste Bags + Dispenser

No, it may not be the most glamorous gift, but every dog mom or dad needs poop bags! To go above and beyond, make sure the bags are biodegradable and that the dispensers are made from recycled materials—like these ones from Earth Rated. 

Buy it: $35, Amazon

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dog rope leash and collar
Photograph courtesy of Forever Mootsy
Forever Mootsy Cotton Rop Leash + Collar

These hand-dyed 100-percent cotton rope leashes are just as beautiful as they are strong. All colors are gorgeous, but we’re partial to the green and yellow ombre varieties, which are sure to make a statement at the dog park. 

Buy it: $46 (leash) and $40 (collar), Forever Mootsy

Enzyme stain and odor spray for dogs
Photograph courtesy of Amazon
Natural Enzyme Pet Stain And Odor Eliminator

Accidents will happen, especially if there’s a new puppy or kitten in the house. But instead of dousing pee (or other) stains with a toxic blend of chemicals and artificial fragrances, opt for a natural, enzyme-based cleaner like this one, which can be used on carpets, furniture, and even clothing to neutralize odors and remove stains. 

Buy it: $14.92, Amazon

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This all natural DIY room spray also acts as a great odor neutralizer!

collapsible food and water bowl for dogs
Photograph courtesy of Amazon
Collapsible Food And Water Bowl

Collapsible bowls are a must for anyone who travels with their pet. These ones are inexpensive yet ultra durable and made with food grade silicone (that’s naturally BPA-free) to ensure that no funky toxins leach into Fido’s food or water. 

Buy it: $5.99, Amazon

grannik's bitter apple spray
Photograph courtesy of Amazon
Grannik's Bitter Apple Spray

This genius spray, made with alcohol and natural apple bitters, can not only be sprayed on furniture and shoes to deter pets from chewing, it can even be sprayed right on your pet (with caution to avoid the eyes, of course) in places they may be gnawing on or licking raw—which is common, as many pets experience anxiety when adapting to a new environment.  

Buy it: $7.09, Amazon

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Horizon pillow bed
Photograph courtesy of Pet Play
Horizon Pillow Bed

For homes with a natural or rustic vibe, this bed will fit right in. The colorful, rugged outer cover is removable for easing washing, and the comfy filler is made from 100% post-consumer, certified-safe recycled plastic bottles. Talk about eco-friendly! 

Buy it: $69, PetPlay

Furminator brush for dogs and cats
Photograph courtesy of Amazon
FURminator Deshedding Tool

Ask any veteran pet owner and they’ll tell you that when it comes to dog and cat brushes, nothing compares to the FURminator. The stainless steel de-shedding teeth reaches deep beneath a dog or cat’s topcoat to gently remove loose hair, which drastically reduces shedding and the number of fur tumbleweeds pet parents will find rolling around the house. 

Buy it for dogs: $21.90, Amazon

Buy it for cats: $21.99, Amazon

harry barker rope toy
Photograph courtesy of Harry Barker
Harry Barker Cotton Rope Tug And Toss Toy

Every dog, especially teething pups, needs a tug toy! And tug-of-war games are even more fun when their toy is made from durable, machine washable cotton rope and earth-friendly dyes. (Check out these 5 non-toxic pet toys, too.)

Buy it: $8, Harry Barker

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Adventure Dog First Aid Kit
Photograph courtesy of Amazon
Adventure Dog First Aid Kit

For the new pet owner who plans to go on outdoor adventures with their furry friend, a first aid kit makes complete sense, but is probably the last thing they’d think to buy. This one contains loads of helpful tools and bandages (quick clot gauze, forceps, skin staples, hydrogen peroxide, and more) that can treat minor cuts and injuries, or at least keep dogs in good shape until they can see a vet.

Buy it: $109.99, Amazon

Whistle 3 GPS Tracker for pets
Photograph courtesy of Amazon
Whistle 3 GPS Tracker + Activity Monitor

Their pup probably won’t care much about this one—but it will give any new pet parent major peace of mind (especially if their dog is skittish or prone to anxiety.) This convenient device attaches to a dog’s collar, and when he or she runs away, connects via 3G cell phone service to an app on your phone to give their location. 

Buy it: $80, Amazon

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critter cord protector
Photograph courtesy of Amazon
Critter Cord Protector

Speaking of peace of mind, this simple 10-foot plastic tube that fits over most cords is infused with a citrus scent that deters chewing, keeping appliances intact and pets safe. 

Buy it: $16.86, Amazon

West Paw Zogoflex Chew Bone for dogs
Photograph courtesy of Amazon
Ultra Tough Dog Chew Bones

Pups will love that they can chew on these rubber bones from West Paw for hours. Pet owners will love that they’re BPA- and phthalate-free, and dishwasher-safe. Bonus: They float! Which means they're perfect for a game of fetch at the lake. 

Buy it: $14.95, Amazon

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Treat dispensing dog toys
Photograph courtesy of Amazon
Treat Dispensing Toys

If your pal’s pup or cat will be left alone for hours at a time, the ideal gift is one that will keep them mentally stimulated. Enter: Treat dispensing toys like the Odin Dog Treat Puzzle and the Kitty Kong Treat Dispenser, both of which you can fill with crunchy treats that they your pet will gradually figure out how to dislodge and enjoy over time. 

Buy it for dogs: $23, Amazon

Buy it for cats: $3.99, Amazon