This Simple DIY Ant Trap Will Solve Your Ant Problem

This simple non toxic ant trap will cut down on all of those unwanted pests.

April 5, 2017
ant trap
Christa Neu

Nobody likes to come home to a parade of ants headed straight for your honey jar. Sure they’re harmless, but that doesn’t mean you want to share your home—or your food—with a whole ant colony. Commercial ant sprays aren’t safe to use in your kitchen, not to mention anywhere near your kids or pets, but that doesn’t mean you have to just put up with your unwelcome invaders. This DIY natural ant trap is easy to make and it keeps ants from coming back again and again. Best of all you, only need four things to make it! Here’s how to get started. 

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ant trap supplies
1/3 Christa Neu
Gather Supplies

Get boric acid (found at drugstores), as well as sugar, cotton balls, and plastic containers with lids.

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creating an ant trap
2/3 christa neu
Create The Trap

Soak the cotton balls in a solution made of one teaspoon boric acid and six tablespoons sugar dissolved in two cups of water.

Punch holes in the plastic containers. Put the cotton balls in and cover them so the bait doesn't dry out.

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ant trap
3/3 christa neu
Set The Trap

Place on ant trails inside and outside. Be patient! They'll carry the mild toxin back to their nest to share, and soon the trail of ants will cease.

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