8 Amazing Things Lemon Oil Can Do

This citrus powerhouse, extracted from rinds, can be used in everything from natural remedies to DIY cleaning solutions.

March 10, 2016
1. Kill Bacteria

Lab tests on E. Coli and salmonella in apple juice found that lemon oil, among other essential oils, was effective at protecting against these human pathogens. So it’s no wonder that lots of green disinfectant recipes list lemon oil as an ingredient. Add a few drops to your go-to cleaning solution of water and white vinegar for extra antibacterial power and a pleasant aroma.

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relaxing in bath
2. Boost Your Mood

Scientific research shows that using lemon oil in aromatherapy significantly improves mood, especially compared with lavender essential oil. Try adding a dash of lemon oil to a hot bath to relax and recharge. 

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polishing furniture
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3. Polish Furniture

We associate the smell of citrus with being clean. That’s why so many commercial dusting sprays are lemon-scented (often artificially), though Scented Cleaning Products Can Pollute Your Air. But you can make your own DIY Lemon Oil Furniture Polish. The oil adds shine and smells great, and the natural ingredients don’t present a hazard to your family.

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4. Preserve Fresh Fruit

Two separate studies on persimmons and strawberries found that washing the fruit in a solution of water and lemon oil helped it stay fresher longer. Plus, its antibacterial properties will help kill any germs that may be lurking. 

pregnant lady feeling ill
5. Ward Off Morning Sickness

More women are turning toward herbal remedies to treat aliments during pregnancy. That’s why researchers looked into the impact aromatherapy can have on lessening the symptoms morning sickness. They found that inhaling lemon essential oil at the first sign of illness was highly effective at repressing nausea and vomiting.

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6. Soothe Jellyfish Stings

Next time you head to the beach, you may want to add a vial of lemon oil to your packing list. A scuba diver stung by the highly poisonous box jellyfish in 2014 was suffering from intense pain and lymphadenopathy (an extreme inflammation of the lympth nodes). Traditional treatments of hot water, cold packs, and acetic acid were ineffective, but application of a lemon oil balm offered immediate relief.

mosquito repellent
7. Repel Mosquitoes

A study earlier this year found that eight essential oils, including lemon oil, are superior to DEET when it comes to repelling mosquitoes. In addition, a previous study concluded that adding vanillin (a synthetic alternative to vanilla that you can find in any grocery store) to essential oils helps keep mosquitoes away for a longer amount of time. Try experimenting to come up with your own DIY recipe by mixing lemon oil and vanillin with base ingredients like witch hazel, olive oil, and rubbing alcohol. 

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8. Treat Yeast Infections

Candida (or yeast) infections are caused by yeast, which is naturally present in the environment, forming colonies on the skin and mucus membranes. Researchers tested the efficacy of several essential oils in treating candida and found that lemon oil is a highly effective natural remedy against certain strains.