36 Tiny Homes Decorated Adorably For Christmas

Take a look at how these elf-sized homes go big on holiday spirit.

December 6, 2016
wreath on a fence
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Tiny houses are adorable in any season, like living in a dollhouse but with four walls and a toilet that makes compost. At Christmastime, these elf-sized homes have an advantage over full-scale dwellings. When you live in Santa’s Village year-round, it’s hard not to get in the spirit of things.

Decorating for the holidays is pretty easy for tiny home-dwellers—provided they take space into account. The biggest challenges are finding a spot for the tree that isn’t already claimed by a tiny fold-up kitchen table, a seating area, or a storage unit. As this roundup of tiny homes decorated for Christmas makes clear, the answer is to make space do double-duty—and when in doubt, go UP! Tiny-house dwellers take advantage of high ceilings and loft space to decorate above their heads.

These 36 tiny homes, all spruced up for the holidays, are sure to make you awww, and might even give you ideas for how to maximize your full-sized living space (steal these 11 clever storage ideas from tiny houses). After all, you don’t need to live in a tiny home to want to make the most of the room you have.

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1. Santa's home away from home

…Or at least a hideaway for a few Pinterest-loving elves. 

2. Small spaces; big cheer

Space is at a premium in tiny homes, but that doesn’t mean there’s no room for decorations or gifts. This family pressed their loft space into service for holiday décor.

3. Everyday items repurposed for the holidays

In tiny homes, there’s no place to store the regular décor when the Christmas decorations come out—which means that this vegetarian-friendly steer head does double-duty as a wreath rack.

4. No need for a 6-foot fir

Tabletop tree? Not in a tiny house.

5. Monochromatic color schemes: the friend of the tiny house dweller

The white floors and furniture make the tree stand out and the great room look as big as the great outdoors.


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6. Have a blue Christmas

Retro Christmas in a retro trailer.

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7. Go tall, not wide

A vertical tree fits best in many tiny spaces.

8. Don't ask where the artificial tree is stored

Instead, appreciate the fact that snow or not, these tiny home-dwellers will always have a white Christmas.


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9. Nearly any nook can fit a tabletop tree

When there’s only a corner to spare, a miniature Christmas display is in order.


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10. A Christmas window treatment

Tall ceilings mean more space to decorate than you might expect in a tiny house.

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11. No purchase required

Many tiny-home dwellers are committed to zero-waste lifestyles. This decoration was made from trees on the owner’s land.

12. String up the ornaments

One challenge of tiny homes: where to put all the treasures you couldn’t bear to throw out. At Christmastime, that gets much easier. Decorations that don’t fit on the tree make an eclectic garland.

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13. Forage for festive touches

The owners of this tiny house cut their Charlie Brown Christmas tree from the side of the road. 

14. Small space baking

Tiny homes mean tiny ovens…but full-sized tasty treats. (Try these 10 delicious holiday treats.)


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15. Stay warm

The woodpile is almost bigger than the house, but not bigger than holiday cheer inside. 

16. Tiny home; tiny tree

And still totally full of holiday cheer. 

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17. A skiing Santa for a tiny ski lodge

Santa's got the very smallest of skis.


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18. No snow required

You don’t need snow to make a tiny home look seasonally festive. Some of the necessities of life—that woodpile, for instance—can seem pretty Christmas-y, with the right touches. 

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19. Double-use for a tabletop

One of the challenges of tiny-home living is finding a place to sit for Christmas dinner. This tiny table doubles as a display area for the world’s cutest Christmas tree. 


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20. Tiny-house living favors those who can keep it simple

Just a few evergreen boughs and a wreath make a small space festive. (Whip up this holiday succulent wreath in 4 simple steps.)

21. Look out the window

One of the best parts of tiny-house living is that a small indoors forces you to appreciate the great outdoors. 

22. An archway of lights

A tiny trailer with big ol’ Christmas tree lights. 

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23. Dangle pinecones from the ceiling

What tiny homes lack in square footage, they make up for in usable ceiling space. 

24. A gilded display

Fancy, festive airstream décor for people who like their tiny homes extra-portable.

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25. Get pets in the photos

Tiny house? Check. Tiny tree? Check? Tiny dog with mildly concerned look on its face? Check, check, check.

26. Holiday glamping

A camper Christmas card to put yours to shame. 

27. Seasonal shelfie

Think you can’t be a collector and live in a tiny home? Think again. As long as you’re willing to give up the shelf space, you can show off your seasonal favorites.

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28. A tiny nativity scene

A shelving unit does double-duty as a display for this nativity scene. 

29. When a full-sized tree just won't fit…

A tiny-home-appropriate tree that can stand safely near the heater. 

30. Simple touches make a big impact

It doesn’t take much to turn a tiny house into a winter wonderland. A string of lights will do it.

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31. There's always room for more strands of twinkle lights

These cabin-dwellers brought the North Star indoors with a light display.

32. A fir-lined workspace

Work doesn’t stop just because the holidays are here—even in a tiny home.


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33. A tiny house on wheels

It has just enough room for the important décor, including a calendar to count down the days until Santa arrives.


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34. Display, then plant

If you’ve ever felt bad about sacrificing a tree for your Christmas decorations, this tree is the answer to your prayers. It takes up a tiny amount of room, and after the holidays are done, you can plant it in the yard.

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35. Assemble a "tree" from branches and lights

No room in the great room for a traditional Christmas tree? DIY yourself a flat one.

36. A cabin Christmas

It’s Christmas all year in this cabin, thanks to the evergreen motif in the loft.