30 Most Beautiful Tiny Homes We’ve Ever Seen

Minimalist living has never looked so good.

January 6, 2017
tiny house
Guzel Studio/Shutterstock

Why do we love tiny homes so much? In part, it’s because they show us that life without never-ending piles of stuff is actually possible. To live in a tiny house, you have to pare down your life to bare essentials. When there’s only room for the things you really need, priorities become clear.

Then there’s the fact that tiny houses are often meant to travel … or to provide a destination far from the demands of real life. Wheeled or stationary, tiny homes tend to offer vistas far more interesting than the view outside your office or kitchen window.

Beyond all that, tiny homes are just cute. If you were ever the kind of kid who wanted to live inside a dollhouse or treehouse, you get the appeal.

Of course, your real life might make full-time tiny-home living difficult. If that’s the case, the next best thing is indulging in a little armchair travel.

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Cross a geodesic dome with Laura Ingalls Wilder’s sod house from “On the Banks of Plum Creek,” and you have this beautiful little earth igloo. And what a view!


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Roll On Home

Most portable tiny homes look a bit boxy, which is to be expected when your house needs to fit on a flatbed. Not this snug little masterpiece. The stained glass and flowing siding make it bloom wherever you decide to plant it. 

Real Life Doll House

Be jealous of the folks who spent New Year’s Eve in this elegant tiny home in New Zealand. According to their caption: “Sleeping in the loft was dreamy...two big windows to the trees were our TV for the evening and I haven't been more relaxed in ages.”

All The Essentials

Tiny homes make us realize how much living we can pack into a small space. For example, this little gem has room for a porch with a seating area. It’s tucked under a roof, so you can snuggle up even during a rainstorm. 


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Double Decker Dream

The most beautiful tiny homes are the ones with big views. This two-story beach hut maximizes the setting with a hammock.

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Colorful ‘N Cozy

Think tiny homes are a recent phenomenon? Think again. These rowhouses in Portugal show that the tiny house movement has been with us for a while.


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Open Air Oasis

Tiny homes make our priorities clear. The owners of this house in Belize have a two-item to-do list: 1. Nap, 2. Beach.


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Ski Lodge For Two

This little A-frame is paradise for skiers, or anyone who loves the snow and wants to pretend to live at Santa’s house all year-round.


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Inspired Isolation

Comfortably weathered and tucked away in the wilderness, this tiny Texas house is a perfect place to get away from it all.

A Religious Architectural Experience

The cathedral ceiling gives this bedroom more light and air than most lofts, while the balcony makes the great outdoors accessible at every level.  


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Beach Front Bliss

This A-frame in the San Juan Islands of the Pacific Northwest might be a bit bigger than the usual 250-square-feet-or-less tiny home, but it feels miniature next to the view. 

Scandinavian Simplicity

This tiny home, nestled on the grounds of the Biesbosch Museum in the Netherlands, looks like the perfect hideout for a fairytale witch. 


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Rustic Retreat

If you never outgrew the longing to run away to a treehouse, this tiny home is for you. Note the clever spiral staircase leading to the loft.

Woodland Wonderland

A tiny house among tall, tall trees, for people who’d love to get lost in the woods for a while … and still have the comforts of home at hand.


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Trailer Treasure

An old-fashioned trailer in Sarasota, Florida proves that the prettiest tiny homes aren’t necessarily the most ornate.

Home To-Go

Van life is in many ways the ultimate expression of the tiny home dream. When the world is your living room, every day is an adventure.

“Bestie Row”

These four tiny homes in Texas belong to four couples who created their own neighborhood.


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Grandma’s Cottage

Ever wanted to live in a real life gingerbread house? Get yourself a cottage like this one and your dreams could come true.

View From The Top

The perfect ski hut for those who never want to leave the slopes.


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Who Needs Walls?

A sleek and modern surfer’s paradise. 


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For Natural Light Lovers

This showcase would be perfect for the tiny home enthusiast with nothing to hide. (All others may want to look into blinds.)

Scenes From A Snow Globe

Emerald Lake Lodge in Yoho National Park, British Columbia—for everyone who’s ever wanted to climb right into a snow globe and stay there. 


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Shipping Container Chic

Are you really passionate about recycling? Make your home in a repurposed shipping container and save the planet in the most adorable way possible.


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Get Reflective

Tiny homes with big windows turn the sunset into décor. 

3-D Delight

Believe it or not, this tiny home was made with a (presumably rather large) 3D printer!


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Simplicity Is Bliss

This cozy little A-frame sits in Tunica Hills Campground in Mississippi.

One With The Woods

Blend right into the forest and disappear for a while in this well-hidden tiny home.

Elevated Van Life

The view’s the best part of life in a tiny home, van, or trailer.


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Dream Boat

Love the water? Maybe life on a tiny houseboat is for you.

Childhood Fantasy Come True

This tiny treehouse in Atlanta will make you feel like you’re living in a fairytale. 

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