11 Storage Ideas To Steal From Tiny Houses

Clear the clutter and tame problem areas with these ideas fit for any size home.

August 18, 2016
tiny houses

Step It Up


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Designer Kyleigh Kühn built drawers into the stairs to add much needed storage space in her San Francisco houseboat. You can also add a cabinet or shelves underneath the stairs to use wasted space to your advantage.


Hide It Under The Bed

You’d never guess what this Airstream built-in is hiding. From afar it looks like the perfect place to curl up with a book or kick back and watch TV, but underneath is a massive storage space. Under-bed-storage can make up for a lack of closet space and help keep drawers (and rooms) uncluttered.

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Turn Cabinets Into Drawers

Deep cabinets are great, but it’s all too easy for things to get lost inside of them. Utilize every inch and keep everything easily within reach by adding drawers to your cabinet. It’s perfect for a pantry or flatware storage.

Stash It Over The Bed


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Don’t let your bed get in the way. Increase your storage space by adding a shelf or two over the bed. Your favorite book or nighttime essentials are only a stretch away. If you live in earthquake country, avoid putting anything heavy or glass over the head of the bed.

Tame Clutter

Everything has a home on this dining table/workspace. Corral your clutter into containers along the wall and on flat surfaces with handy jars, boxes, and magazine holders.

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Use Awkward Corners


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Blogger Alison Mazurek makes the most of her 600 square foot home for her family of four. She transformed a tight corner against her murphy bed into a nightstand. Little nooks like this one are perfect for a plant or a stack of your favorite reads.

Use The Ceiling

No garage, no problem! The ceiling of this tiny house is home to snowboards. Instead of trying to hide large items, display sporting equipment and bikes like artwork along high ceilings. 

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Hang It Up


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Shelves and cabinets double as a great place to hang things. Keep often-used utensils and knives easily in reach with hooks. It’s also a great spot for awkward items like mini watering cans that just don’t seem to fit anywhere else.

Furniture With Storage


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This school bus-turned-home has hard-working furniture. The bench seat has room for storage crates underneath, and one of the seats at the table is a large, sturdy basket with a lid. Consider adding furniture with hidden storage or pieces that can easily fit a container or two underneath.

Embrace The Open


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Artfully displayed open shelves can more than make up for a lack of cabinet space. Shelves also help small spaces feel more open, and they make it easy to find oft-used pieces.

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Tidy Up With Baskets


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You don’t have to get rid of everything to have a clutter-free home. Get organized and keep everything out of sight with large baskets tucked around the house.

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