11 Cool Kitchen Gadgets You Absolutely Need For Your Next Summer Barbecue

You won’t regret adding these tools to your arsenal.

July 25, 2016
reusable beeswax sandwich wrapper
Photograph courtesy of Bees Wrap

Summer is for basking in the heat and spending time with friends and family—not for sweating it out in the kitchen. Get food prep done faster with these handy tools and you’ll be back outside in no time.

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watermelon slicer
Photograph courtesy of Amazon

Watermelon Slicer

This zero-mess tool will let you serve a whole watermelon in minutes. The stainless steel slicer also leaves the rind intact so you can fill it again with your perfectly cut fruit…or a delicious summer punch.

grill cleaning paddle
Photograph courtesy of rodale's

Grill Cleaning Paddle

Get the grill ready to go with this stylish and sustainable scraper. The solid wood tool easily removes charred bits of food, sans metal bristles, meaning you'll no longer need to turn up the heat or use harsh chemicals to get any leftover bits off.

beeswax reusable sandwich wrap
Photograph courtesy of rodale's

Reusable Sandwich Wrap

Wrap up sandwiches and snacks for the perfect picnic with this sustainable wrap. Made from organic cotton, beeswax, tree resin, and jojoba oil, these reusable sheets are a great substitute for plastic wrap. You can also stick them over a bowl to keep the bugs out (and here are 6 ways to keep wasps away from you). 

strawberry huller
Photograph courtesy of amazon

Strawberry Huller

No summer meal is complete without strawberries and fresh whipped cream for dessert. Quickly prep the whole basket with this little huller, which removes leaves and hull without excess food waste.

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baking dish
Photograph courtesy of rodale's

Oven-To-Table Baking Dish

Whether you're headed to a potluck or going straight from the oven to the table, this versatile dish can sit right on your countertop, table, or even on your lap with its sustainable cork trivet.

corn cutter
Photograph courtesy of rodale's

Corn Cutter + Creamer

Getting corn off the cob doesn’t have to be a knife-slinging adventure. The stainless steel blade on this slim tool makes it easy to pluck off fresh kernels or cream corn right into a bowl—no more chasing kernels or flying cobs here.

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Photograph courtesy of amazon

Hot And Cold Canteen

Keep the drinks flowing and the party going with this insulated stainless steel bottle. Big enough to hold a full bottle of wine, the thermos will keep any beverage cold for 24-plus hours.

avocado scooper and masher
Photograph courtesy of rodale's

Avocado Scoop + Masher

One side of this dual-purpose tool scoops while the other end mashes. Plus, the stainless steel and rosewood gadget is simply a chic addition to any kitchen.

kabob stone and skewers
Photograph courtesy of rodale's

Kabob Grilling Stone And Skewers

This handmade clay tray is safe for coal or gas grills, broilers, and even the oven. It’s designed with slots for each skewer so your kabobs don’t go flying around during transport.

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pizza cutter
Photograph courtesy of rodale's

Pizza Knife

Slice your pie like a pro with this stainless steel pizza knife's long, extra sharp edge. The knife is great for chopping veggies and herbs, too.

smores maker
Photograph courtesy of rodale's

S'more Maker

Cap off the perfect summer night with a quintessential campfire treat under the stars. This wire cage lightly toasts your graham cracker while the marshmallow and chocolate roast and melt. The basket holds three s’mores at a time (we won’t tell if you keep them all to yourself).

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