10 Things Your Babysitter Knows About You After Just One Hour On The Job

June 27, 2016
babysitter and child
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Does your parenting style get a tsk-tsk or a mental “like”? We’re not saying that your babysitter is there to judge, but little things like how long it takes you to get out the door can reveal a lot more about you than you think. 

1. You're Not Exactly Quick To Get To The Baby Laundry 

You know that commercial asking if you've gone "nose blind" to various household smells? Well, your babysitter and her fresh nose aren't so lucky: She can pick up on the stench of old leaks and blowouts of days past faster than she can tap out a text. 


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2. Grandma Isn’t Quite On Board With Your “No Plastics” Rule

It doesn’t take Nancy Drew to notice that plastic isn’t part of your child-rearing practice, as evidenced by the playroom full of wooden puzzles, trains, and the occasional cloth toy. The top shelf in the linen closet is another story: It’s stuffed to the gills with flashy robots, larger-than-life dinosaurs, and toy fire engines—all plastic and all courtesy of Grandma.

3. You’re A “Natural” Woman

There’s not a chemical smell wafting through the house or a plug-in air freshener in sight. Next to the sink is a bottle of Mrs. Meyers soap and cabinets are filled with toxin-free products that make your home look like the cleaning aisle of Whole Foods. Someone's clearly been doing her reading on toluene, formaldehyde, and volatile organic compounds

4. You Never Met A Garage Sale You Didn't Like 

That backpack with the previous owner’s name blacked out and those sun-bleached toys totally give you away. She gives you major props for repurposing—hand-me-downs are good for the planet, after all. Note to Mom: Just skip used breast pumps (could spread viruses), used car seats (unless they’re less than six years old and in perfect condition), and drop-side cribs (which are banned by the Consumer Product Safety Commission).


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5. You Spend A Little Too Much Time Asking What Gwyneth Paltrow Would Do

Gwyneth’s perfectly manicured hand can be seen everywhere in your house, from the shabby chic furnishings, all in shades of white, to the cookbook collection that includes all of Paltrow’s imprints. That Goop-like mentality has also influenced your kids—who are literate in yoga and music, recoil at the thought of artificial food coloring, and have a palate for oysters and edamame.

6. You’re Not Opposed To A Little Screen Time

Okay, so your iTunes purchases prove that your kids have seen every Pixar movie ever made. Any tech-savvy babysitter can see that. And you'd better believe she appreciates the option of putting a movie on when things get hairy.

7.  You’re The Organic Police

The USDA Organic seal is everywhere in the house, from the stickers on apples and gummy snacks (you frequently reference the Environmental Working Group’s “Dirty Dozen”) to the bathroom stocked with organic products. The 12-pack of Diet Coke in the fridge keeps you from seeming completely inhuman.  

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8. You Could Use A Mommy Break

When the babysitter arrives, you fly around the house giving her the 411 on everything from the exact amount of juice-to-water ratio to administer post-nap to the color-coded activity chart on the fridge. You’re so worried about every detail of your kid's routine that it takes you 45 minutes to get out the door, and you never notice that this morning's breakfast is still lodged in your teeth.  


9. You Have A Secret Stash Of Oreos…That You May Or May Not Wash Down With Wine

Unlike your kids, she’s onto that sleeve of Oreos that you’ve cleverly stuffed in an old cereal box way up on the top shelf…right next to that box of red wine. 

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10. You’re Doing Your Best 

Yeah, you might have your overzealous parenting moments (who could forget the time you followed your toddler around the pool with an umbrella to protect her skin from the sun?), and ones where you could have used a bit more zeal (letting your kid get away with swearing probably wasn't your finest moment). But your sitter gives you big points for supporting your kids unconditionally. Research shows that children who receive positive attention from parents are more likely to have academic success and greater happiness than kids from other parenting styles. We'll toast to that (go grab that box of wine)!