10 Super Creative Easter Egg Decorations

You’ll have the most gorgeous organic shells on the block.

March 23, 2016
egg crafts

Whether you’re having the neighborhood kids over for an egg hunt or simply hosting a brunch for friends, we’ve rounded up a handful of ways to take your holiday décor up a notch. From decorating with natural, homemade Easter egg dye to creating unique egg-shell centerpieces, there are tons of ways to trick out your house or yard with clever crafts. Even better if you’re raising chickens at home and have your own fresh eggs on hand.

egg crafts
Photograph courtesy of LITTLE INSPIRATION
Accent Vase

Forget big floral arrangements for a second. Add a touch of playfulness to your Easter table with these whimsical eggshell centerpieces from Angie Ramirez at Little Inspiration. She upcycles used eggshells into vases for miniature bouquets and decorates with printable tattoo paper.

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egg crafts
Photograph courtesy of READING MY TEA LEAVES
Botanical Blueprints

These softly printed eggs hold a surprising secret. Erin Boyle from Reading My Tea Leaves made the vibrant blue dye herself using, wait for it, red cabbage. A pair of stockings and carefully placed foliage can create an array of nature-inspired patterns. Recreate the look in a variety of colors with these natural Easter egg dye recipes.

egg crafts
Photograph courtesy of BLISS BLOOM BLOG
Surprising Succulents

Succulents are known for their hardiness, but this one is perfect for even the brownest thumb. Melanie from Bliss Bloom Blog transforms egg cartons into lively (and convincing!) artificial succulents that add a touch of faux greenery to your Easter brunch table. The leaves are cut out of the carton’s eggcups and assembled in layers to mimic the flower-like echeveria imbricata. A single carton will make two plants.

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egg crafts
Photograph courtesy of FLAX & TWINE
Seating Place Cards

There is something truly magical about these little floral crowns. In less than five minutes you can have an angelic egg of your own with Anne’s tutorial on Flax & Twine. The crowned eggs even make great place markers to help guests find their seats—just add a tag with each person’s name or customize by drawing on faces that resemble each guest.

egg crafts
Photograph courtesy of A DAILY SOMETHING

Rebecca from A Daily Something and her 2-year-old daughter made these elegant decorations with wooden eggs they bought from Amazon. Leftover yarn and twine from around the house and foraged flowers make these decorative eggs extra special. Plus, these artificial eggs can be reused year after year as an eco-friendly way to celebrate.

egg crafts
Photograph courtesy of BRIGHT AND BOLD
Hostess Gift

Add life to your party in less than 15 minutes with these succulent planters by Chelsey Mass from Bright & Bold. All you have to do is crack open the top of the shell (saving the whites and yolks for cooking, of course), wash it out with warm water, and fill with dirt and a small succulent. You can hand them out as party favors or keep them on display long past Easter. Cracked eggs have never looked so good.

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moss eggs
Photograph courtesy of CHERISHED BLISS
Hidden Gems

Add an extra challenge for little Easter egg hunters with these furry green wonders. Ashley from Cherished Bliss attaches the moss with a hot glue gun before cradling the eggs into little nests that you can pick up from the craft store.

egg crafts
Simple Stunners

Showcase the natural beauty of your eggs with this simple idea from Kaley Ann. You can use natural brown or blue chicken eggs or duck eggs, which can range in colors from light green to gray to almost black. All you need is a nontoxic white paint pen from the craft store to create your own timeless graphic patterns and stripes. Kids can also decorate with stencils or create their own designs.

egg crafts
Photograph courtesy of PEANUT BLOSSOM

A foraged branch and your favorite mason jar or vase turn this inexpensive craft into a beautiful decoration. Tiffany from Peanut Blossom used emptied egg shells (follow the link for instructions) and washi tape to create light, colorful ornaments with her kids. You can also hang these ornaments throughout the house or in your yard for some candy-colored Easter magic.

egg crafts
Photograph courtesy of LOVELY INDEED
No-Mess Decorating

Repurpose leftover washi tape into mess-free eggs. Chelsea from Lovely Indeed recommends adding multiple chevrons or stripes to each shell. If you are decorating with kids, it might be best to precut the tape to make the process easier.