Start Carrots Outdoors

Three easy steps to perfectly germinated seeds.

February 5, 2015
Christa Neu

1. Remove any rocks, clods of soil, or crop debris from the garden bed where you want to how to plant carrots and rake the soil until it is smooth and has a crumbly, brown-sugar-like texture. Then water the soil well. Place a pinch of carrot seed in your hand and sow it in a row, spacing the tiny seeds about 1 inch apart. Press the seeds into the soil with the palm of your hand to ensure solid soil-to-seed contact.

2. Cover the seed with a very fine layer of potting soil or screened compost. Water the seeds in with a gentle stream of water. Next, cut two pieces of burlap (or row cover fabric) to fit the length of your carrot row and soak it with water. Spread a double layer of the damp burlap over the row and pin it into place with U-shaped landscape fabric pins. The damp burlap helps keep the seeds moist.


3. Check daily underneath the burlap for signs of germination and to make sure the soil stays damp. Water as needed. Gently pull up the burlap as soon as the seedlings appear.
Illustrations by Bryon Thompson