Simple Bamboo Trellis

Bamboo poles make an excellent garden trellis.

November 26, 2010
teepee trellis

No special tools or DIY skills are needed for this project. All you need are 3 bamboo poles, some heavy-duty twine, a shovel, scissors, and a zip tie. This trellis can be used by itself or as part of a larger vertical gardening trellis system. It's perfect for peas, beans, cucumbers, or anything you want to get up off the ground.

1. Make the loop
To make the loop take the pointy end of the zip-tie, insert it into the square end and pull. You'll know you did it right when you hear a zip noise. Be sure to use a sunlight resistant zip-tie.


2. Bundle the poles
Gather your bamboo poles into a bundle, so that from the end they look like a pyramid.


3. Make the tripod
Slip the zip-tie loop over the bamboo pole and cinch it tight. Make sure the tie stays above the knot in the bamboo.


4. Set the tripod
The legs should be at least 2 feet apart and each pole buried into the ground about 8 inches. To make it easier, dig your holes before setting up the tripod.


5. Multiple uses
The bamboo tripod is very versatile. Tie a piece of twine to the top and wrap it in a spiral around the three poles, giving your vining plants something else to cling to. Or you could set up a series of tripods and connect them at the top with other bamboo poles, making a larger trellising system that's perfect for peas, cucumbers, melons—even tomatoes. For more vertical gardening ideas, check out Derek Fell's book, Vertical Gardening.