Potatoes: Best Colored Varieties

Introduce red, gold, blue, and purple to your potato patch.

November 26, 2010

Colored potatoes are a fun addition to traditional recipes, but they can be hard to find at the store. If you want to enjoy the full range of colored spuds, you have to grow your own.

Here's a list of the best colored potato varieties:
'All Blue' is a striking deep blue medium-size potato that stores well and tastes great. Texture is good for all types of cooking. To keep color, do not overcook. Vigorous plants mature in mid- to late season, producing high yields. Beautiful blue flowers.


'Yellow Finn' produces lots of high-quality spuds with golden flesh and a unique pear shape, over a long season. Its mealier texture makes it excellent for baking, boiling, or mashing, and it keeps well.

'Rose Finn Apple' has beautiful rosy-colored skin and deep yellow flesh with a red blush. One of the tastiest of the fingerlings. Steady watering throughout the season will minimize knobbiness. Good keeper.

'German Butterball' is distinguished by outstanding flavor. Smooth, golden yellow skin and butter yellow flesh make this medium-round to oblong late-season potato a good all-purpose spud.

'Purple Peruvian' is the only fingerling available with purple skin and bright purple flesh. Plants bear medium- to large-size tubers and are highly resistant to scab; they need rich soil and plenty of water to prosper.

'Red Thumb' is a recent cultivar that produces prolific yields of unique fingerling potatoes with red skin and flesh. It has medium to long tubers with very shallow eyes.

'Red Gold' has orange-red skin with delicate yellow semi moist flesh. Medium-size, uniform, round tubers are disease-resistant and drought-tolerant. An early variety, not recommended for long storage.

'Cranberry Red', a.k.a. 'All Red', has red skin and delicate pink flesh with low starch content. Considered the best-producing red-fleshed, red-skinned variety. Matures in mid- to early season with high yields.