How Deep Should You Plant Seeds?

You can't always trust the seed packet! Knowing how deep to plant will help increase germination rates.

February 9, 2018
sowing seeds
Yvonne Duivenvoorden/Getty

As a rule, seeds should not be buried any deeper than their diameter. Forget the quarter-inch planting depths you see on many seed packets. That's too deep for all but the biggest seeds, such as peas and beans. Some seeds even need light to germinate—don't bury those at all. Follow this handy list for the best results:

Cover These Seeds

+ Beets 


+ Broccoli 

+ Cabbage 


+ Celery

+ Chard 

+ Cucumbers 


+ Onions 

+ Parsley 

+ Peas

+ Radishes

+ Spinach 


Sow These Seeds On Top Of The Soil

+ Ageratum 

+ Astilbe 

+ Balloon flower 

+ Cleome 

+ Coleus 

+ Coreopsis 

+ Dill 

+ Impatiens 

+ Lettuce

+ Mexican sunflower (aka tithonia) 

+ Ornamental peppers 

+ Petunias 

+ Savory

+ Shasta daisy 

+ Snapdragon 

+ Strawflower 

+ Stock 

+ Sweet alyssum 

+ Yarrow