9 Flowers You Didn't Know You Could Eat

Your salad's never looked so pretty.

July 8, 2016
flowers on salad

Edible flowers, especially these 10 Herbs That Blossom Into Stunning Flowers, add a special touch to salads. Once the salad has been tossed with dressing, pick off petals from these edibles and add them on top. Many flowers have a strong flavor, so use a light hand when adding them to your greens.


These spring flowers are available in a scope of colors. Both flowers and leaves add a peppery flavor to mixed greens. 

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Sprinkle individual petals of this prolific grower lightly on a salad for a colorful and tasty touch. 

flowering chives
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Herb Flowers

Basil, chives, dill, fennel, and arugula flowers all add a spark of aromatic flavor and a burst of color to salads. 

viola on salad
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Whether wild or cultivated, these flowers are common among 9 Jaw-Dropping Desert Gardens. Delicately flavored, violas jazz up a bowl of mesclun greens like nothing else. 

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Simultaneously working as one of the 81 Border Plants That Are Better Than A Fence, these intense blue star-shaped flowers add a burst of color that contrasts nicely with greens. The flower's delicate flavor tastes similar to cucumber. Separate the flower from the stem for a softer texture.