10 Recycled Things You Can Use To Make Cute Plant Labels Right Now

These eye-catching, recycled plant markers bring a little whimsy to the garden.

May 9, 2017
diy plant markers
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What do gardeners do on rainy days? Dream up more ways to make their gardens look even more beautiful, of course! We are obsessed with all the cute herb and vegetable markers we’ve been seeing all over Instagram, Pinterest, and Etsy these days. Here are ten simple—but whimsical!—plant marker designs you can make yourself on a rainy afternoon—even if you’re not crafty! 

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Forks and wine corks

You know all those wine corks you’ve been saving that you might be able to use some day? This is that day. Pick up some old silverware at a thrift shop or yard sale, or swap the forks out for wooden skewers!

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Paint stirrers

If you’re an avid DIYer, you’ve probably already got a handful of old paint stirrers lying around. Jazz ‘em up with some veggie doodles and you’re all set.



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The rocks you dug out of your garden

These faces are the cutest! But even if your painting isn’t this skillful, you can still make some fun decorative rock labels—just start by painting on the names of the plants! 


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Wooden spatula

Here’s one absolutely anyone can make! Grab a wooden spatula and some markers and unleash your inner artist! 


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Tin can lids

We like the simple black and gold scheme here, but it would be fun to experiment with some vibrant colors and designs, too!


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Wooden spoons

Paint or permanent markers will do fine for decorating your wooden spoons, but if you want to get fancy, use a wood burner for a more rustic look. Or if you’d rather someone else do it for you, you can always just buy these on Etsy.

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If you like the rustic, minimalist look, you can easily make these stick markers by shaving off the bark at one end with your trusty pocket knife and using a pen to write the plant name. (Or upgrade to a more durable wood-burned version from this Etsy shop.) 

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Old blinds

This is ingenious! Because what else can you do with old mini blinds? 


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Metal spoons

Wooden spoons will be easier to paint on, but you can still try your hand decorating those old tablespoons you’ve got stuffed in the attic. Pro tip: write the plant names on with a grease pencil so they don’t fade away in the sun. 

Broken terra cotta pots

We know you’d never break your flower pots on purpose, but if you do, they’re not totally useless!

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