Bloomin' Great Groundcovers

Use these annuals as bright groundcovers!

December 9, 2010

Use annuals as bright groundcovers! It's easy to give your garden a whole new look from year to year just by changing the color scheme of the flowers you select. Try spreading colorful annuals around other flowers in a sunny border, using them to brighten the base of shrubs and trees or cascade out of containers. Any of these terrific annual groundcovers will fill the bill:

  • Cascading petunias, such as 'Misty Lilac Wave', 'Pink Wave', 'Purple Wave', and 'Rose Wave'.
  • Tapien verbena hybrids, such as 'Blue-Violet', 'Lavender', 'Powder Blue', and 'Soft Pink'. 
  • Temari verbena hybrids, including 'Bright Pink', 'Bright red', and 'Violet'.