The Best Self-Watering Pots And Containers For Your Plants

Our top picks for self-watering containers to make your gardening life a little easier.

May 5, 2017
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It’s time gardeners fessed up—no one likes constantly watering container gardens. They’re beautiful and moveable, and they allow for growing plants in all sorts of ungrowable places. But keeping them at correct moisture levels is an absolute pain.

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When was the last time they were watered? Did it rain? How moist is too moist? Container gardening should make life beautiful, not complicated. Which is why self-watering containers are the perfect solution. The right one will keep plants in the green, and most require only weekly water refills. Below, options for all types of plants. 

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For Fruits and Vegetables: Lechuza box

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The three individual sections allow for separate planting and easy replanting throughout the year, which makes your container gardening a breeze.

Buy it: Lechuza Trio Cottage 30 Planter, from $185 on Amazon.

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For Succulents: Beluga Supply Geometric Planters


succulent planter
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These white matte ceramic homes for succulent, cacti, and air plants are perfect for the windowsill, office, kitchen, desktop, tabletop, or even the bedroom. It comes with watering pipette, self-watering string, and drainage hole that lets excess water flow out to keep plant roots healthy and prevent rot. (Check out the 7 easiest succulents to grow, and 3 of the hardest.)

Buy it: Ceramic Planter Pot, Triangle Corner Shape, from $16 on Amazon

For Flowers: Yorkshire Window Planter Box


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This low maintenance sleek white box adapts to any architecture and quickly washes clean with a sub-irrigation water system that encourages root growth.

Buy it: 3-Foot Yorkshire Easy-Care Self-Watering Window Planter Box, from $110 on Amazon

For Herbs: Mr. Stacky Vertical Planter Set


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This fun and useful self-watering set features 3 stacked tiers of pots that hold 12 plants.

Buy it: Mr. Stacky Self Watering 3 Tier Stackable Garden Vertical Planter Set, from $25 on Amazon

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water globes
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For Any Plants: Glass Watering Bulbs 

Turn any pot into a self-watering helper with these easy to place and fill glass bulbs. 

Buy it: Watering Bulbs for Plants, 3-pack, from $20 on Amazon

For Ferns and Shrubs: Misco Self-Watering Planter

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The reservoir under this 11.5-inch-diameter pot is filled through a hole near the bottom, which gives you a quick look at the water level, and also eliminates cumbersome lifting or moving. 

Buy it: Misco Flare Self-Watering Planter, 11.5 inch, from $13 on Amazon