7 Famous Chickens Who Became Overnight Internet Sensations

Meet the chickens who went viral.

April 18, 2017
famous chickens
Photograph courtesy of Instagram

We have to admit, chickens are one of our favorite farm animals. These barnyard pals are a boon whether you are raising backyard chickens at home for eggs, or keeping them as pets. As any chicken owner knows, chickens are full of personality—sometimes so much so that their antics go viral. Below, seven quirky chickens who became so famous they broke the internet. 

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Monique, The Chicken Who Sailed The World

Monique the hen became internet famous when she sailed the world with her French "boyfriend" Guirec Soudee. Not bad for a fowl. You can see more photos from their travels here

This Impossibly Huge Chicken

No. Way. 


We would probably duck and cover if we saw this chicken coming. Just for the record, we welcome our new chicken overlords. 

Death Metal Chicken

Death Metal Chicken has the pipes to displace Metallica and the black feathers to give any self-proclaimed goth a run for their money. Enter, Birdman. 

The Kung Fu Rooster

We like to see underdogs stick up for themselves. Underchickens, too. This rooster, named Puff, proves that he won't tolerate bullying of any sort. It's more of a canary that ate the cat situation. 

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This Chicken Cracking Up

Honestly, we can't help but laugh along with this jovial little guy. Life on the farm IS funny, when you think about it. 

This Chicken Skeptical Of Her Owner’s New Haircut

Sometimes it can be tough to tell if the person you love is still the same once they change their feathers (er, hair). Cue Billy Joel's "Just The Way You Are." We're just glad these two old friends were reunited in the end. 

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ALL Of These Chickens Who Just Met Babies For The First Time

There is nothing we don't love about babies chasing chickens, so we think all of these chickens belong in a very important category all their own.