How To Grow 90 Pounds Of Tomatoes From Only 5 Plants

If space is limited, try growing your tomatoes in a double-ring cage.

May 17, 2017
tomato plants in cage
Steve Harrington

If you only have a small area to grow vegetables, but still want the largest tomato harvest possible, the double-ring cage growing technique was made for you.

You'll need approximately 7 feet of heavy wire fencing, about 6 feet high (purchase at local lumberyards or hardware stores). You'll also need about a 3-foot length of small-mesh hardware cloth that stands at about 30 inches tall.


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To start off, using a digging fork, loosen up the soil in the growing area. Add some rotted manure, compost, and fresh kitchen scraps if available, mixing them into the soil thoroughly.

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Loop the mesh hardware cloth into a circle about 11-inches wide, and secure it by threading wire over the edges. Then set this circular basket in the middle of your fertilized plot and fill it to the brim with compost.

Loop the heavy wire fencing into a larger, 27-inch wide circle, which can then be places around your compost basket. Firmly anchor it with soil heaped a few inches around the base.

Finally, plant five tomato seedlings around the outside of the heavy wire circle. Water them weekly by placing a slow-running garden hose on top of the compost basket. As the vines grow, tie them to the outer wire circle with strips of nylon hose, or loose garden twine.


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About 90 days after setting out the seedlings, you should be able to gather about 2 pounds of sun-ripened tomatoes.

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Continue regular watering, and refill the compost basket as its contents settle and washed down through the mesh. By the middle of October, you should have picked a total yield of about 90 pounds from five tomato plants.