25 Pieces Of "Ugly" Produce That Will Make You Smile

November 4, 2016
ugly fruit and vegetables
Photograph courtesy of @imperfectproduce/instagram, @suzyfarmgirl/instagram

The name might sound silly, but the the #uglyfruitandveg movement has an important mission: helping consumers see the beauty in imperfect-looking produce. The founders of the Instagram account @uglyfruitandveg reports that 25 percent of produce is wasted in the U.S. because it doesn’t meet the cosmetic standards of large grocers. Basically, it isn’t pretty enough to hang with the cool kids. That’s where organic-loving, farmers’-marketing health bugs like us come in! We embrace the imperfect—it tastes just the same, and sometimes it’s even more fun to grow a wonky-looking carrot than a boring old straight one. Check out these beautiful, gnarly, and impressive specimens and join the movement

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1. You Can't Beet This!
2. Gemstone Grape

3. Tomato or Pinocchio?

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4. Aw, this potato wants to give you a hug!

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5. Eggplant earring? Bracelet? Sleeping pup?
6. Chameleon Lemon
7. The perfect cow mask
8. Who knew tomatoes could be so animated?
9. For the love of tomatoes
10. This ghost dressed up as a radish for Halloween
11. Christmas Pepper

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12. Smile! You’re apple picking!

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13. Tomatoes on tomatoes on tomatoes

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14. Hey, look over there!

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15. Sweet Potato Snake

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16. All dressed up with nowhere to go

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17. Peek-a-boo!
18. OK, not ugly, but SO CUTE

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19. Hungry, Hungry Hippo Potato
20. It needed some legroom

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21. Gnarly carrot, man!
22. Dalmatian Lemon
23. Pineapple wig!

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24. The term “pear shaped” doesn’t apply here
25. You have permission to stare