10 Types Of Roses Gardeners Can't Live Without

Picking the right type for your climate can lead to a happy marriage between organic gardening and fresh, beautiful flowers.

June 1, 2016
Andrekart Photography/Shutterstock

The following outstanding group of antique and modern roses performs admirably with an organic regimen. All are repeat bloomers, which means they flower in waves from spring until frost. This list is based on my experience in an area of Texas with hot, humid summers and relatively mild winters and is categorized as a USDA Hardiness Zone 8. However, many of the roses described here are widely adaptable except in the coldest climates. 

old blush rose
Olga Chudinovskykh/Shutterstock
Old Blush

This China rose dates back to the 18th century and represents all that is good in old roses: long life, repeat bloom, and ease of care. As a parent for rose breeding, Old Blush is responsible for giving its ever-blooming quality to modern roses. 

souvenir de la malmaison
Souvenir de la Malmaison

Large, multipetaled, blush pink flowers with a spicy perfume are born on a 4-foot spreading shrub. This rose embodies romance, but there are plenty of Romantic Flowers That Go Beyond Roses.

marchesa boccella rose
Marchesa Boccella

Fragrant, pink cabbagey flowers sit atop the foliage of this 5-foot upright shrub. 

belindas dream rose
Imagination maker/Shutterstock
Belinda's Dream

Texas is one of The 8 Prettiest Places In The World To See Flowers In Full Bloom, and their extension program designated this pink, full-flowered rose a superstar because of its fragrance, ease of care, and cut-flower quality. 

perle d'or rose
Perle d'Or

Often called the "Yellow Sweetheart Rose," Perle d'Or has fruit-scented 2-inch flowers that are pale apricot and look like frilly crepe paper. This rose flowers throughout the growing season on a compact 4-foot shrub. 

caldwell pink rose
Caldwell Pink

A found rose of uncertain heritage, this flouncy lilac-pink variety exhibits superb blooming qualities even in the heat of summer. A bonus is the dramatic fall foliage of reds, oranges, and yellows, which makes it a fierce competitor with the 8 Gorgeous Types Of Tulips To Brighten Up Your Day.

penelope rose

These soft, peachy, perfume-rich flowers bloom in bouquet-like clusters, so learning How To Make A Stunning Bouquet In 5 Minutes becomes the easiest item on your to-do list. The sprawling shrub can reach up to 6 feet. 

new dawn rose
New Dawn

This climbing rose bears lightly fragrant, soft pink blooms on vigorous 20-foot stems. Foliage is dark, glossy, and resistant to black spot. 


Clusters of orange flowers nod under their own weight, lending a romantic effect to the garden. Crepuscule is a climbing rose of excellent vigor. 

stephen f austin rose
Stephen F Austin

This 6-foot shrub has shiny leaves that act as a foil to the fragrant flowers, which open pale yellow and mature to creamy white.