The Most Brilliant Way To Preserve Fresh Herbs We've Seen

Hint: Put them in the freezer.

April 1, 2015
herbs frozen in ice cube tray

Pick From Your Garden
There’s nothing like fresh herbs straight from the garden. Here's how you can enjoy that freshness all winter long.


Make sure you rinse your herbs thoroughly so you don't accidentally preserve any critters along with them.


Cut Off Long Stems
The little stems between the leaves are fine to chop up.


Chop With A Mezzaluna
If you have one of these handy chopping devices, chopping fresh herbs is all that much easier, but a regular chopping knife will work just as well.


Spoon Into An Ice Cube Tray
Once everything is chopped up, spoon the herbs into an ice cube tray, making sure to distribute evenly. Pack them in pretty tightly.


Top Off The Tray With Water
Pour the water in slowly. Too much water pressure has the tendency to send your chopped herbs all over the place.


Put The Tray In The Freezer
Twenty-four hours or so should be enough to turn your water and herbs into beautiful little herb cubes.


Put The Cubes In A Freezer Bag
After the cubes are frozen, pop them out of the tray and stash them in a freezer bag to keep them tasting their freshest. Drop the cubes into soups or sauces as you need them.