Food Central: Garlic

Discover (or rediscover) the many wonderful things garlic can do.

January 8, 2014

Almost every meal at my home is cooked with a touch of garlic, whether it’s Italian pasta sauce, French vinaigrette, Thai noodles, a Chinese stir-fry, or a Turkish bean dip. It’s always there. In fact, garlic has always been there. One of the oldest cultivated plants, garlic has been treasured for the flavorful punch it adds to food and for its many medicinal and therapeutic qualities. Considered a peasant food since antiquity, this strong-smelling member of the genus Allium still has detractors; but these recipes will change minds. For those of you who can’t imagine cooking without it, rediscover garlic by trying different varietals and guises, such as garlic scapes and young green garlic. Most of all, appreciate its long link to cuisine.

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