Eat The Whole Damn Egg!

December 13, 2016
sunny side eggs
Maria Rodale

I’ve often said if nature made an egg with a white and a yellow, there was probably a good reason and you should not be afraid to eat the whole thing. But still, people in search of a “perfect” body or those who feel guilty about something else they ate either avoid eggs altogether because they are “bad” or order an egg white omelet and feel safe to go about their day. But now you have a reason to believe me and eat the whole damn egg, with pleasure.

It turns out egg yolks are critical to feeding your brain.


According to a recent study published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, we don’t get enough choline in our diets. Best way to get choline? Egg yolks (and liver and lima beans…but I’ll go with the yolks, thanks—although I do love lima beans too).

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Getting enough choline is especially important during pregnancy and breastfeeding, because a mother getting enough choline is linked to her child’s better learning capabilities, visual and spatial skills, and even memory later in life.

Speaking of which, eating eggs (getting enough choline) can help your own aging brain, improve your memory, protect your liver, and boost your sports performance. Egg yellows have also always been known for improving your eyesight.

Eating two whole eggs a day gets you half of your daily dose of choline. No studies have been done (that I am aware of) that measure the difference in choline between conventional and organic eggs, but based on other nutritional studies, I’m going to eat my organic eggs. Plus, they just taste better.

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But here is my main concern (and yes, I am intentionally burying the headline): We in America need to spend much more time worrying about and caring for our BRAIN HEALTH. I am going to avoid making any statement that might offend anyone here, except to say there is ample evidence that Americans need to focus more on brain health and perhaps less on weight. Your brain uses 20% of your total calories, more than any of your other organs do. In order to be fully functioning and alert and at full intelligence capacity, your brain needs FAT. Your brain needs nutritious whole foods like fish, nuts, fruits, and vegetables. And your brain needs eggs. So eat the whole damn egg.


If you are in need of any tips and techniques for how to include more eggs in your diet (including the remarkable technique wherein you can hard-boil a fresh organic egg and peel it perfectly), please check out my cookbook Scratch. I never stopped eating the whole egg. It just didn’t make sense to me. And maybe that is because my brain is healthy from growing up eating organic eggs.

But every day is a new day to feed your brain. How about some eggs for breakfast?